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Soil tests

How do we obtain a soil test for our garden?


Alexandria VA almost 4 years ago

Roses - manure & wood chip top dressing ok?

Good Morning - For years I have used composted cow manure and Virginia Pine Bark Fines to top dress my rose plants. Radio gardening host Mike McGrath's most recent Q&A posting states both of these are a bad idea, but does not go into detail as to why. May I have your take as a neutral third party ... my past experience has been good, but perhaps there is new information I am unaware of? Thanks.


Alexandria VA almost 7 years ago

Can you identify the two weeds in my garden bed? I think the one in the...

Can you identify the two weeds in my garden bed? I think the one in the foreground with small smooth leaves is chickweed but I don't know the one in the middle with larger, hairy leaves. Thanks



Alexandria VA almost 6 years ago

Cottony Camellia Scale on Nellie Stevens Holly - Best time to treat?

Hello, I've received conflicting recommendations as to the best time of year to apply Horticultural Oil to treat Cottony Camellia Scale on a large Holly tree. Is it possible to treat now, or should the treatment instead be in early Spring? Will I be aggravating the damage by waiting until next year to treat?


Alexandria VA over 6 years ago

knock out roses and virus

We live in a large landscaped community in Northern Virginia. Last year our long term landscape contractor recommended we remove a section of knock out roses which were showing signs of disease. We did and replanted that area with other materials. Now, the same firm is recommending knock out roses for another area of the same property with the assurance that there are now knockout roses available which are not susceptible to this virus.

Your observation/comments requested.
to clarify; At the link below is the disease we are talking about: And my question is: where is the industry breeding/commercial distribution on this specific problem?


Alexandria VA almost 5 years ago

Imidacloprid use & mite infestation

Good evening. In a recent UMD garden newsletter (July?) there was a reference to the observation that shrubs treated with Imidacloprid for preventative pest control were highly suspectible to mite infestations for periods extending beyond the initial treatment as well as the labeled product duration. This has been my experience in my home ornamental garden. 10 years ago I treated with Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub Insect Control. For the past three years I have been working towards being organic, to include no pesticide use of any kind. In addition I have been actively building the soil, releasing lab reared beneficial insects to try to increase their numbers and changing the varieites and spacing of my plantings to support the "good bugs" continued presence. How long will the effect of the pesticide use remain? Any suggestions on how to reduce the presence of mites next summer other than those measures I have noted above? Thank you for your advice. I was not able to locate more info on your website on this topic.


Alexandria VA over 4 years ago

Alternative to Arborvitae - repeated losses due to Phytophthora

Good Afternoon. My mother's property requires evergreen screening from a busy road. The original Emerald Green Arborvitaes on the west side declined with age and were replaced two years ago with Green Giants. That year the center section of the hedge was impacted by over-watering from the neighboring property's automatic irrigation system and six trees were lost. A horticulturalist diagnosed the cause as root rot (Phytophthora). New Green Giants were planted this year at her request, but these are now browning. I understand the recent rains have made for an unusually wet summer. Any ideas on alternatives for the evergreen screen should these arborvitaes surrender ? Thank you


Alexandria VA over 2 years ago

Canning Tomatoes

I have canned some tomato sauce from home-grown heirloom tomatoes (boiling water method) but realize that I forgot to add lemon juice before processing. Are the cans safe to store on the shelf or should they go in the freezer? My first batch was canned about two weeks ago and have been on the shelf for that length of time. if they are not safe for shelf storage, can they be moved to the freezer now or is it too late? Do they need to be dumped or can they be salvaged? Also, can I process half-full jars or does the sauce simply need to be refrigerated and used up promptly?


Alexandria VA over 6 years ago

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