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Name that insect?

I just sent one pix and wanted to add another of the same pretty blue insect.


York County VA over 6 years ago

Panicle Hydrangea with yellowing leaves and brown spots

My hydrangea is developing yellow leaves with spots. The one next to it seems fine.



York County VA over 5 years ago

Zoysia Sod

How late can I lay Zoysia sod in eastern Va (Yorktown)? Is the 2nd week in Aug too late?


York County VA over 6 years ago

Corkscrew willow that does not have leaves.

My corkscrew willow is young. This year the leaves have started growing out of the trunk and branches of the tree. They look like buds with tiny leaves popping out. I am in Va. climate zone 8. The tree is in full sun. I have no idea why this looks like it does. Any explanations would be much appreciated. Thank you


Twisted_willow_2_300x300%2523 Twisted_willow_3_300x300%2523

York County VA 7 months ago

Sugar maple

I have these small ball/egg looking things all over my sugar maples. What are they and what do I need to do if anything?



York County PA over 5 years ago

What type of snake is this?

I have lived in York County (Tabb- Wythe Creek Farms subdivision) for twelve years and have never encountered large snakes like I have this week. (My neighbor directly behind me has found two recently and killed them both. One was "small" and the other ~4 ft.) On Monday, May 12th I found a 4 ft solid black snake coiled up in my dog's outdoor kennel. He moved very quickly. Yesterday I found a 3.5ft black snake with diamond markings on it's back. (see attached pic) It moved slowly as it turned around and headed back to the rear of my property into some woods. I have a German Shorthaired Pointer who is a HUNTER. I fear that he will engage one of these snakes. Please help me to properly identify them. More importantly, do you think there could be a nest in the wooded area behind my house? Thank you for your help. I am very concerned and freaked out about this. Sincerely, Maria DiOrio


Snake_!_1_of_2_may_14__2014_300x300%2523 Snake_!!!__pic_2_of_2_may_14__2014_300x300%2523

York County VA over 6 years ago


i was wondering what type of plant this is so that i know how to take care of it


York County VA almost 5 years ago

lawn weed

Can you identify this weed? The plant grows in my lawn every year. In the early spring it looks just like fine turf grass like Titan or Rebel when they first come up. It is nice and soft and blends in with the yard. but as soon as it gets hot or dry it starts to die turning brown, The patches usually are about a foot in diameter. The roots are like tiny bulbs strung together. The soil becomes dry and powdery so the roots break free very easily when pulled up. Also, what can I do to get rid of it? I am thinking of using a lawn patch product from Ortho, but I am afraid that the roots of this weed will sruvive and just choke out the new grass again next year. I killed it off with round up a few years ago and it has slowly return.



York County VA over 5 years ago

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