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How much soil do I need to plant shurbs

How much soil do I need to plant shurbs


Wise County VA over 5 years ago

Canning beet relish with stevia

Can I can my beet relish with beet relish with stevia and will it change the taste?


Wise County VA over 1 year ago

Area events

Hello. I am looking for a list of events in our general area. Thank you


Wise County VA about 3 years ago

Are old treated 2x4's safe to use for a raised vegetable garden bed?

Would it be safe to use old, used 2x4's for a raised vegetable garden bed?


Wise County VA almost 6 years ago

I can't find anything to tell me what came up in my yard

Cheap fill dirt filled in around an oak stump last spring. This week, in addition to lots of maples I found several purple leaf plants. They must be shrubs, but I cannot find a purple leaf plant or shrub like them, either online or locally, with perpendicular sets of leaves, with each pair growing from same node. It is a windy area and numerous neighbors have purple leaf trees or shrubs, so likely blew in, or is from bird droppings. I've dug and saved them from weed eaters that are destined to cut all else down. Do you know what they night be? How big they will grow? Preferring full sun or partial shade? Have recently bought the house and it needs much landscaping. Hoping I've found a treasure.



Wise County VA 8 months ago

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