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Sumac identification

How can I identify different sumacs?? I have several that have invaded my shoreline during the past 3 years. I don't think they are poison sumac - I haven't gotten a rash, and the leaves and flowers don't match the poison sumac description, but I have not been able to find any reference that gives me a positive ID. Some have said staghorn, but the leaves don't match the picture I have seen. BTW.. I am a Master Gardener, and this question came up at a plant clinic this weekend.


Westmoreland County VA over 6 years ago

Established azaleas with sudden critical problem.

We have many well established azalea bushes, 40 + years old that have started dying for no apparent reason last year. We Ate in Kinsale, VA and have visited the MONTROSS Extension office this past spring with no clear results of examining specimens. I can send photos if that would help and am getting desperate for a solution. Thanks in advance, Bob


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Westmoreland County VA over 5 years ago

Can You Identify this tree?

These trees are on Rt. 205 in Colonial Beach (at Darl Street corner) and also some young ones are on Bowie Road off Rt 3. I can't seem to find them by doing an internet search on Evergreen identification. Do you know what they are?



Westmoreland County VA about 7 years ago

Problem with yard soil and grass

This spring these little bumps in the soil showed up and all my grass died. They were powdery soil puffs that turned to mud when it rained. All grass dead but weeds look fine. I had hand spread Scott’s 4 season fertilizer in the fall.


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Westmoreland County VA over 1 year ago

plant ID

Need to identify this plant all over my yard

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Westmoreland County VA over 4 years ago

Poison or Not (Sumac)

Could you please tell me if this is Poison Sumac? If it is not, could you please identify it for me? I have been researching it and cannot find enough facts to make a clear decision. These plants are growning plentifully on the bank of a brackish part of the Potomac River, in Tidwells, Virginia. They are about 3 feet high (bank was cleared last year). There are no "hairs" or "velvety" texture as with the Staghorn. I understand there is a hybrid called a "Smooth Sumac". I need to be sure if this is a poisonous plant because I want to clear the bank. I would like to know for sure. The leaflets are not "stemmed" they're attached at the base, the underside is a tiny bit lighter in color, and they are jagged. The stems are very reddish-pink and actually pretty. I see no berries or flowers or evidence that there were some there. Please let me know if you have any questions. I would like to be convinced enough to bite it! Thank you so much for your help. Jane Whitcomb


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Westmoreland County VA over 2 years ago

Ash tree borers concern

We naively planted a White Ash tree 16 years ago in my yard. It has been vigorous until this Spring. Now it is leafing out sparingly, with gaps. I fear borers, though there are no other Ash trees nearby. What should I do?


Westmoreland County VA 8 months ago

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