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Holly Identification

I have two sets of Holly bushes on my property and I need to know the names of them. The deer are destroying one but not the other so I'd like clarification as to the names/varieties of these bushes that are on the attached picture? Thanks for your time. Jama Mitchell



Washington County VA almost 5 years ago

Wild roses

What can be used to kill wild roses


Washington County VA over 1 year ago

Fruit Fly epidemic in Abingdon

I'm having a HUGE problem with fruit flies in my home - no fruit or wine on the counter, they're not coming from the drains... and it's not just my home. They're all over town - even in Barter Theatre. Everyone I know is having a problem with them - is there a reason they're particularly bad right now?


Washington County VA over 6 years ago

How to use sawdust

In November 2018, we cut down a dying Maple tree. That sawdust now tests 6.0 with a home ph test kit. A trace, maybe, of nitrogen. Is there anything else I need to test for? If it is mature, can I use it instead of soil? There is a quantity of sawdust in the cavity where the maple stood. Can I just pop an oak Leaf hydrangea in that hole, or do I need to mix other ingredients into that hole? Thank you, Mary


Washington County VA 10 months ago

Need help with my raspberry patch

I have been raising red raspberries for several years and am having an issue with black flies laying maggots around the crown of the berry when they are ripe and just start to pull away form the stem. Was wondering if anyone had a solution to this problem. I really don't like having maggots with my berries and oatmeal. I would really appreciate any help you could offer.


Washington County VA about 5 years ago

Tame cherry trees

I know wild cherry trees are poison to goats when wilted but are regular or tame cherry trees the same ?


Washington County VA over 1 year ago

soil analysis

Can you do an analysis of soil from my yard to determine what nutrients I might need too add?


Washington County VA almost 2 years ago

serviceberry species or variety for production

I am located in southwest Virginia, zone 6b. I'm looking for information on serviceberry production, and I was wondering if anyone could help me determine which species of Amelanchier, as well as which variety would be best for my area. I see that there are Saskatoon berries (A. alnifolia) grown farther north. Would the varieties of this species be appropriate for this region as well? I am interested in quantity, taste, and ease of harvest. Also, do you know of anyone growing these commercially?


Washington County VA almost 6 years ago

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