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when is the right time to plant grass seed to a new lawn?

I live in Front Royal, Va, when is the right time to put down new grass seed to start a new lawn? Any suggestion on what the best type of grass seed to use? We have dogs and grandkids.


Warren County VA almost 6 years ago

is it best to cut back a butterfly plant and a rose bush so they don't...

is it best to cut back a butterfly plant and a rose bush so they don't freeze? thank you


Warren County VA about 7 years ago

violet but leaf is wrong

This is in my yard in several different areas. I live high on a mountain top and these are growing on a hillside. Seems to be a thin curly vine with bold pear shapped leaves. The leaves were never rolled or fuzzy.it's the beginning of July and this is the first and only bloom so far. I have some wild violets farther down in the yard but the leaves are different.thanks you so much for the help


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Warren County VA over 4 years ago

what plant is this

Is this poison something?



Warren County VA over 4 years ago

grass disease

A supervisor from a lawn care company (that I have taking care of my lawn) says my lawn looks diseased. I spent almost $6000.00 last April on a new lawn. Had topsoil spread, had Premier Turf farm, Round Hill, VA. Lay down the turf. For 3 weeks it looked pretty nice. As instructed, I watered everyday. I wouldn't even let my grandchildren walk on the new grass. By the 4th week, the turf was getting a few brown spots. I called Premier to see if grass could be mowed and they said yes. I told them about the brown spots and they said I wasn't watering enough. I asked my neighbors to write letters to Premier verifying that they saw me everyday pulling around yards and yards of hoses to water the new turf. The brown spots did not go away,in fact more were appearing. Called Premier again. A rep came and said grass was being cut too short. I have a professional grass mowing Co who will not cut grass any lower than 3.5 inches. The spots were getting worse. Called Premier again. Owner came in August and said the grass might be diseased but did not offer any remedies as to how to repair his product. So I hired a lawn care company for fertilizing etc. After their 1st service yellow spots appeared on the healthy looking grass and I had dandelions and clover popping up. Called that company and they did a 2nd service. I still have the clover and a lot more yellow spots. A rep from that company came and said the lawn might be diseased. I personally hand seeded an area over the same topsoil last May and that area isn't being serviced. That area has no brown or yellow spots. Can someone please help me before my entire $6000.00 lawn turns to yellowish straw. Thank you in advance. Vivian. 540-631-4421


Warren County VA over 5 years ago

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