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Non-invasive shrubs

Years ago, when I lived in Hampton I had a great hedge of ligstrum. I now live in Stafford County and was considering planting ligustrum here until I read that it is an invasive species. In Hampton, there was no where for it to go hemmed in by lawns and roads, but in Stafford there is plenty of woodlands for it to get loose in. I have enough trouble with Kudzu so definitely don't want to add another plant gone wild. All that said, I was hoping you might point me to a list of shrub species that would not be invasive in Virginia. A recommendation for a shrub similar in character and size to Ligustrum would be most welcome if you care to take it that far.


Stafford County VA about 6 years ago

Is there a test for Marek's disease?

Is there a test for Marek's disease that can be done while the sick chicken is still alive? A blood test? A fecal matter test?


Stafford County VA over 6 years ago

After daffodils?

What can I plant in flower garden after daffodils and tulips had stopped blooming? Preferably perennials.

Must I remove the bulbs before planting other flowers?


Stafford County VA almost 5 years ago

Are my flowering cherry trees worth trying to save

We have 5 flowering Cherry Trees in the island of our HOA entrance. They are 20 years old. We pay Bartlett Tree company (certified arborist) $2,000 a year the pruning, liquid injections and pest control. Can these trees be saved? The leaves on the trees all show shothole disease.


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Stafford County VA 3 months ago

Leaf type

What type of leaf is this?



Stafford County VA over 5 years ago

Butterfly Garden with a Deer Problem

Our community is working to establish a butterfly friendly garden. Unfortunately, we have an existing deer herd that's defoliating asters, sunflowers, etc.
A resident master gardener recommends using Irish Spring soap bars to deter the deer.
However, we do not want to discourage the butterflies.
Q) Is there a better alternative to this method?
Q) If so, what do you recommend?
Thank you!


Stafford County VA over 6 years ago

How do I introduce female ducks to current flock

I have an established flock of three Rouen ducks (2 males and 1 female) in my pond. I purchased and raised five more females to introduce into my established flock to make a better male/female ratio. Now that the new females are 4 months old, I am trying to introduce them to the original flock, but the young females are running away from the males and staying alone in their own flock. It is creating a lot of "duck drama" around the pond and yard as a result. There hasn't been any harm done to them, and they will graze in somewhat close proximity to the males, but they have no interest in being together as one flock. Will this union come together naturally at some point? If not, do I have to do something else to make it happen, or is there a chance they will never get along and the female "flock" will always stay away from the original ducks. Thank you for your assistance.


Stafford County VA over 4 years ago

Thousands of tiny balls under oak tree

I have an oak tree shading the patio. Thousands of tiny poppy seed sized balls have fallen all over the deck. I blow them away with the leafblower but a few weeks later it's covered again. Is there anything I can do or should be worried about?


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Stafford County VA over 5 years ago

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