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"Hot Wings" Tatarian Maple tree and horses

Hello, I know that red maple tree ( Acer rubrum) foliage is poisonous to horses. I cannot find any information as to whether the "Hot Wings" Tatarian maple (Acer tataricum) that is native to Southeastern Europe into Western Asia, is poisonous, as well. I purchased 3 last season to plant where I would like to graze horses. So, my question is if the Hot Wings maple foliage are poisonous to horses. Thank you!


Southampton County VA almost 7 years ago

Elaeagnus pungens

I have 2 of these and would like to know if I plant them will I knowingly be bringing an invasive tree into my area? Will they REALLY become invasive? I live in Zuni in a rural area. My property is part wooded.

Thank you for your advice-

Jo Anne


Southampton County VA almost 8 years ago

Hydrangea- never blooms

Second attempt to have question addressed:

We received a Hydrangea after the passing of my wife’s grandfather - 3 years ago - I planted it - and grows beautiful leaves every season but never blooms. I do not know how or when to prune - to ensure the best blooms and health of the plant - the pic I have sent has a red highlight - for growth at top of old stalk - blue at mid stalk - green seems to be new growth from the base. Can you advise on what type I have and when and how to prune



Southampton County VA almost 2 years ago

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