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Field Elm and Box Elder Trees

We have acreage and want to plant some more of the Box Elder and Field Elm in our fields/forest. I have only one of each on our property- they are not plentiful so I cant find/transplant them. Where can I purchase 2-3 of each? Also curious if they grow well in acid rich soil? We have that where I live and perhaps that is why I can't find many of these trees. Please share any further information on these 2 tree types you may have.


Shenandoah County VA 4 months ago

How long is too long to 'freeze' black walnuts before planting?

I enjoyed the article on Growing Black Walnut trees by Baughman & Vogt. In the guidance it refers to putting the walnuts into the freezer for 3-4 months. If it takes longer before the ground is ready for planting them, is 5-6 months in the freezer too long? Thank you. Kent Michaelis


Shenandoah County VA about 4 years ago

Ramp propagation from seed.

Dear staff,

I do not have ramps in my immediate area in Virginia. I purchased some from Maryland and replanted them this year. I planted some in a clay based soil, some in a light canopy area with pines and othes I planted under a fruit tree in a raised bed. All have shown signs of taking root. I am not sure they were able to store up the needed food for the coming winter but most have sprouted and grown seed pod heads.

I question is how do I harvest the seed and assure a good germination in the spring. I would like to expand my ramps every year without losing them due to transplanting from other stock.

I have a small fortune involved with obtaining 5 lbs of ramps. Do you know of any source for ramp seed?

I appreciate your videos and your time in the field of forest products.

Alan Wolverton
Edinburg, Virginia


Shenandoah County VA over 6 years ago

What is this wildflower

What is this wildflower? The picture was taken on April 30, 2020 at Bryce Virginia.



Shenandoah County VA 9 months ago

Tree Selection Along Creeks

I am interested in planting more trees along a creek on my property. Previously it was accessed by the cattle. The cattle are now fenced off from the creek, and I am interested in planting trees, preferably hardwood trees, to support wildlife development. I am looking for recommendations, with trade-offs between cost, time to grow the canopy coverage, as well as wildlife diversity.


Shenandoah County VA over 4 years ago

grafting pear trees

I have a Bartlett pear tree that I grafted an old sickle pear to several years ago. Did not prune tree last year and this year the tree had sickle pears. Is it possible that the whole tree will go to sickle pears


Shenandoah County VA over 5 years ago

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