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Peafowl Vet

I am in need of a recommendation for a vet for peafowl/turkeys in Rockingham County. I have a sick peacock and medical diagnosis and treatments are very similar to turkeys. 540-478-3043 Thank you, Wendee Constable

Rockingham County VA over 6 years ago

Can you help identify the variety represented by this blueberry bush?

UNKNOWN Highbush Blueberry Plant

Can someone identify this bush for us?

Contact: Roman J. Miller,



· Purchased in 2009 from Finch’s Nursery, NC. Was included in a lot of Bluecrop 2-3 yr old barerooted blueberry bushes and was identified by the nursery as a Bluecrop plant

· Planted in November 2009 along with Bluecrop bushes.

· Planting zone: 6B according to USDA Plant Hardiness map

· Has thrived over the years but bears fruit later than Bluecrop and also the blueberries have a different taste/flavor than Bluecrop blueberries


· Harvest parameters 2015 Season

Picking date Number of Pints Average Grams/Berry # Berries/cup

7/17/15 5.0 2.11 74

7/23/15 2.8 2.17 72

7/31/15 3.5 1.28 122

Total 11.3 pts 1.85 grams/berry 89 berries/cup

· Berries are initially found in clusters but not nearly as tight as Bluegold; maybe similar to Chandler clusters

· Many of the berries are slightly flat (a little like Chandler maybe)

· Taste is complex, slightly sweet but has a crisp texture

· Seems to be a quality late berry and in our area production wise would make a good alternative parallel cultivar to Chandler (our current late-season berry).

· Photos taken mid-July at time of first picking

Unknown_bb_bush_-_9_300x300%2523 Unknown_bb_bush_-_7_300x300%2523 Unknown_bb_bush_-_10_300x300%2523

Rockingham County VA over 5 years ago

Honey bee removal

Hello, my name is Jackie Lichliter I live in Mt.Crawford Va. I would like to recieve information about being on your swarm removal list.


Rockingham County VA almost 6 years ago

Juglans regia

I have a trial plantation of Juglans regia (Carpathian English Walnuts) and was wondering if anyone at Va. Tech specializes or even has an interest in this type of walnut. Currently I have 25 trees of 16 different varieties on my farm here northeast of Elkton. I would love to exchange information with any one.


Rockingham County VA almost 5 years ago

No blooms

We have two very healthy looking hydrangea plants. Lots of leaves and sturdy stalks. No blooms in 4 years since we moved here. One in shade and one in part sun/part shade. Both look to be thriving, but we miss the flowers. Help!


Rockingham County VA over 5 years ago

Tax advice for small farming

I am in the process of starting a 10 acre orchard and I would like to talk with someone who could advise me about the tax side of small farms. I want to make sure we do things correctly from the beginning and give ourselves the best chance to succeed. Should we become an LLC? It will be 10 years before we start making any profits from our orchard so should we wait until then to become a business? Are there tax strategies we should be using right now as we get started? There is a substantial investment in the first couple years getting the orchard started, should those expenses be paid one way versus another? Thanks...


Rockingham County VA almost 7 years ago


Our leylands seem to be diseased. Many of their limbs are dying off. Attached is a photo showing the damage. Any ideas on what is wrong?



Rockingham County VA over 5 years ago

Land potential for wine grapes

Hi, I was wondering if Rockingham Co. property (zoned A1) that has 5.8 acres and only 1 acres used for the dwelling site, can it be developed for cultivating agriculture such as wine grapes? Will it be enough land for said agriculture? I would like to potentially develop part of the land for future income growth. Who and how do I get that information? Thanks!


Rockingham County VA almost 4 years ago

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