Rockbridge County, Virginia

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I got into chiggers last September while on a forestry/wildlife tour near the Chesapeake Bay. My first experience with them! This Friday after walking my dogs around a field in front of the house I began to itch just like when returning from the trip last year. Eventually I was covered with 20-30 bites/sucks in all the same places as last year. Questions: Did I bring them here? Where do they go after they bite/suck? Do they stay in clothes? Can they bite again? Is one doing the biting or a whole group of them? My dogs seem to be doing more biting on their legs this year than other years, yes, fleas too, but do chiggers bother dogs also? I'm almost scared to go back in the woods.


Rockbridge County VA over 5 years ago

red growth on trees

There are red growths on the underside of a weed tree I cut down. What are they?


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Rockbridge County VA over 4 years ago

Orange lady bugs

This is an orange lady bug, not a milkweed bug. Looks just like red lady bugs, only orange., and is eating all of our vegetables.


Rockbridge County VA over 3 years ago

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