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Arum erradication

How can you advise disposing of Arum plant and soil in a garbage bag...??? That will only perpetuate dispersion and worse problems !! Where do you think the garbage bag will end up ????
I've seen this negligent advise elsewhere ! Please be responsible and stop Spreading invasives

Rappahannock County VA about 2 years ago

Container Grown Olive Trees

Hello. Could someone please share a reliable source for information about growing olive trees? I would like to grow a couple trees in containers to accommodate the Virginia climate, bringing them in in the winter and leaving them out all summer. Unfortunately the sites I've found have very discrepant information about which are self-fertile vs. needing pollinators (and which varieties support each other) and which are better suited for a 12-15 foot space. I would really appreciate having a credible resource since there are so many differing variety tables out there.
Thank you.


Rappahannock County VA over 7 years ago

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