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mining stuff

Can someone tell me what these are? My mom and step dad got them out of a mine in Ouray, Co area.


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Ouray County CO 9 months ago

Pear slugs

I noticed pear slugs on my pear tree that I had planted 2 years ago. I don't like to use poisonous insecticides but prefer to use more natural methods. What would work on this?


Ouray County CO about 3 years ago

What kind of bug is this??

Would like to know what this is. Thanks.


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Ouray County CO 8 months ago

Ends of aspen branches nipped off by nocturnal animal

Our 10 inch diameter aspen tree has been under attack for over a month and is looking pretty bare. We pick up 4-6 inch branch ends that have not even been nibbled on, just snipped off. This morning we counted 135. We assume the animal is nocturnal, since we don't see it happening during the day and the ends are on the ground in the morning. Attached are photos of each end. It's always a clean cut with no chewing and always the tip of a branch. What might be doing this damage and how do we stop it? Thanks for your assistance, Dick & Jacquie Zimmerman


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Ouray County CO over 6 years ago

knapweed spraying

Will knapweed sprayed with chemicals in the spring return again the next year? Will spraying be needed year after year?
Would goats eating the weeds be as effective as spraying?


Ouray County CO over 3 years ago

Thinning aspen trees

We're acquiring a house at about 7,000' that has been vacant and not maintained for several years. The yard is jammed with 1" thick aspen starters, some as high as 4-6' tall, as well as 6 or 7 mature healthy aspens. Deer have raked the bark off of many of the starters and lots of them appear dead or really struggling. I don't want to stress the big healthy trees by making mistakes. Do I just lop off the unwanted trees at ground level? Is there a recommended distance between the ones I leave alone? Do I apply any chemicals to the ones trimmed at ground level? Thanks!


Ouray County CO about 1 year ago

Wood Chips as garden mulch

Can I put juniper and pinion pine wood chips on my vegetable garden as mulch to stabilize soil temperature and moisture content? I live at 7,000' elevation


Ouray County CO 12 days ago

Impact of pre-emergent herbicides on pollinators

Do pre-emergents, like for use on cheatgrass, impact pollinators?


Ouray County CO 10 months ago

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