Pittsylvania County, Virginia

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Getting rid of ivy

I have ivy and liripe growing at the base of a 25 year old pin oak (or willow oak...not sure which). I'd like to get rid of the ivy and liripe. Is there anything I can spray on it to kill it without harming the tree? Thanks.


Pittsylvania County VA almost 6 years ago

No-leaf Orchid??

This plant has no leaves, bulbous white rhizomes, and a dark reddish purple stalk. Found in woods among hardwood trees.


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Pittsylvania County VA over 4 years ago

hornets nest

we just found a basketball sized hornets nest in a pear tree about 100 feet from our house. how do we get rid of them??


Pittsylvania County VA over 6 years ago

Poison Oak & Ivy

We have about 7 acres of pine trees planted by the state about 11 years ago on our property in Ringgold, VA. One section has poison oak and ivy growing rapidly within the trees. How can we kill this without damaging the trees?


Pittsylvania County VA over 4 years ago

Can you identify this plant?

What type of plant is this? Grows by water in southern Virginia.


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Pittsylvania County VA over 5 years ago

Bag Worms

What is the best pesticide to apply to plants for bag worms and when is the best time to apply? Thanks.


Pittsylvania County VA almost 6 years ago

Zoning meaning of manufacturing and industrial on zoning map ?

I live in a residential area but it is listed as a industrial and manufacturing on the zoning color chart map in the color purple


Pittsylvania County VA over 2 years ago

Please help, need advice

I am from Danville VA and the reason I am not contacting the City of Danville Extension office is because in 2015 I was misinformed by someone there, I took a bug I found in my home that was later confirmed by the CDC to be a Kissing bug and had to have my blood tested for Chagas. A person at City of Danville told me it was not a Kissing bug it was simply an assassin bug and although they are of the same family you know there is a huge important difference between them!

Anyway now in 2017 I am having Unexplained skin issues again and there is no way I can spend $3,000.00 to exterminators, doctors, dermatologist and vets like I did in 2015 trying to find out what is wrong with my skin with no clear answer . Im not saying I'm 100% sure a Mite/Bug/insect is causing it but I've got to make sure incase I need to take steps to get rid of it . If you could send me an email address to send pictures of bugs/insects from inside my home to get expert advice to try to figure out if any could possibly be causing my skin issues, I'd greatly appreciate it! Sincerely, Tina

Just seen form where I can attach photos so I reposted it


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Pittsylvania County VA about 3 years ago

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