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Trying to identify a forb from VA

I'm trying to identify a small (~4in. tall) evergreen forb with reddish stems and dark green leaves with lighter green pattern on the veins. Leaves are opposite, lightly serrate, and smooth. It was described to me as being rather pernicious by someone who said that he has it in his garden, but he didn't know the name of it.


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Orange County VA about 5 years ago

trying to identify this plant

I'm trying to help my sister (in Md) identify a weed that grew in her garden. She sent me two pictures. I know the things sticking out are seed pods of some type. She lives in the Marriottesville area ( I think that's Howard county)


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Orange County VA over 4 years ago

Willow tree has little black spots on leaves

Can anyone give me any advice on what is wrong with my willow tree? It's 10 years old and had been growing great until the last year or so. It has little black spots on the leaves and I'm noticing that the leaves are turning yellow. We live on Virginia and don't use any chemicals near the tree. We get a fair amount of sun and rain here and we keep the willow mulched. Please help, we love our willow tree


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Orange County VA over 4 years ago

virginia save programs for Fredericksburg VA

Is there any Virginia save programs for Stafford, Fredericksburg or orange county? If so, where can I find a chapter?


Orange County VA almost 7 years ago

Snow Sledding & Grass

We don't get much snow but when we do the neighborhood kids all want to sled on a long hill in our area. The HOA won't allow it because they say it will hasten erosion of the grass. We really are only talking once a year. Is this really an issue?


Orange County VA almost 6 years ago

middle to late tomato plants

My middle to late tomato plants are deformed where leave do not form but turn hard blunt whole leaves forming nor blooms...


Orange County VA over 3 years ago

What kinds of mites do I have on and in my body?

This is very urgent.
Last June I presented with a rash on my right ankle that spread to the left, up my legs, and covered my entire body by November 2015. My primary care dr. "fired me as a patient", refused to do a skin scraping, and told me to see a dermatologist. I did. She told my psychiatrist I "had the worst looking skin she has ever seen". I saw him the next day. He prescribed Pimozide, but I refused, knowing that I had been exposed to poultry, bird and rodent mites previously. Lymes test (not the 5 part, just the 2 part assay) was negative. Three ER's said I had DP. Only my pshychiatrist agreed it was not delusional, and filled out a medical form stating I have "Morgellon's Syndrome". The irony.
The dermatologist I saw in December '15 made, at my request, an appt. for me with VCU Infectious Disease dept. I waited until May 11th to see the head of the department, who looked at me cursorily, refused to take skin samples, and apparently had already decided I was DP before I came in (I see a psychiatrist for PTSD and sometimes depression, every 2-3 months).
I will cut to the chase. A few weeks ago I actually SAW a small, pin-head sized flesh-coloured "arthropod" (?) crawling on my thigh (I am very farsighted). I put tea tree on my hair, saturating it, and white things began crawling out away from my scalp! My eyelashes had it too.
I have begun using Eqyss Mikrotek Equine Shampoo with 2% triclosan, leaving it on 5-7 minutes, and applying neem and tea tree oil after drying. I wash everything I touch every day. I make my own colloidal silver and eat an alkaline diet with very little processed food at all.
I believe my dogs also have this, and from what I have read, I may have a few different kinds of mites, because they are not only in my hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, but all over my body, with trailing pocket-like sores that do not heal. Since applying the neem and tea tree oils, I feel them coming out of my skin as I rub the oil all over my body, including feet and toes. I now wake up around 2AM nightly to intense biting, even though the bedding is fresh daily, and I showered and oiled before bed.
And yes, I have MANY specimens. Dating back as far as November 2015, sealed in plastic.
I have been told to ask an entomologist to examine what my skin yields.
Can you do this? I see many black specks that look like bird mites, small almost invisible bead-like eggs, and they are even in my nose and mouth. This has to end. My family will not see me, and I am not delusional. I just need an actual scientific analysis of what is on and in my body.
The images here are from today, and that is less than 24 hours of whatever is coming out of my skin. Sometimes I think they look like the tiniest of black flies.
Thank you in advance.


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Orange County VA over 4 years ago

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