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Holy greens

I have something eating holes in my kale and other green varieties. What can use if anything to stop this.It is a very large area to cover since I broadcasted my greens they not in a row.


Nottoway County VA over 1 year ago

Abandon eggs

So my polish and cochin went broody around the same time, didnt count on my polish staying the whole time so I didn’t keep track of how long she had been on them. Meanwhile my cochin is sitting like the good little sitter she is and hatches out 5 of 9.. gets up 2 days later there’s still 4 that aren't out yet.. so I put them under my polish who is still sitting on her how ever old egg, (there growing I candled them twice) the 4 hatch the next day. She gets up 3 days later.. now her original 2 eggs are cold.. (mean, meanwhile i have 4 in the incubator in the house. 2 weeks in..) so I put mommas 2 eggs in with my 4!! I candled them when they were cold, still movement! Responded to my “peep”, and they almost take up the whole egg.. what should I do now?? I don’t really have room in my incubator to hatch and incubate at the same time. And what do I do about humidity and temp and the auto turner and HELP!!!! I’m new at all this!



Nottoway County VA 11 months ago

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