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Crepe Myrtle issues

I have 4 year old crepe myrtles that line our 1/4 driveway. The land is old farm land. They were purchased and put in by a local nursery. They were small bushes (1 to 1/12 ft) when we bought them and they bloomed the spring after being put in (2010) They haven't really bloomed since and most of them look like dead sticks. I have done a scratch test at the very base and there is green and about 1/2 of the 50 have the sprouting branches coming up from the soil, but nothing onthe sticks. Should I prune the dead wood all the way back? What do I do with them? Very frustrated as this was costly. I do fertilize in the spring to early summer. Thanks. Mary Bowman Heathsville VA


Northumberland County VA over 6 years ago

Peach tree problem

Hi. I just planted this tree this spring to replace one that had been there for 2 years and died (I sprayed with sevin spray last year for beetles) This tree was fully leafed out ( and there is a second about 10 yds away that looks great), but I noticed the leaves were falling off and the tips are black and very bendable. Any ideas?


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Northumberland County VA over 6 years ago

Hay field

Hello. I have a hay field that I want to replant in early spring but I'm trying to figure out the best plan. I've always had orchard/alfalfa mix. Seems to work well until we have an extended drought. I've been through years of trying to manage weeds and crab grass with little success. The drought always wins. Since I hate using chemicals I think I'm at the point I have no choice. This past year I had a good stand of orchard but during the drought crabgrass choked out most of the field. Now I have many acres with no grass and many dandelions. I'm in eastern Virginia and would like to get your recommendation on the best mix to plant in early spring......keeping in mind I would like to keep applied nitrogen costs down. I would like to continue to raise horse hay but eventually move to raising cattle. I'm a little confused about the best time to spray for weeds. My plan is to aerate the soil with a disk (multiple directions) and broadcast seed Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated Thank you Brian


Northumberland County VA about 4 years ago

How long can bacterial canker survive in tomato seed?

I was wondering if there had ever been any research done regarding how long bacterial canker can survive on or inside the seed coat of a tomato seed. The reason I ask is, a lot of home gardeners trade seeds and I was wondering if there is a period of time you could wait to make sure your seed is free of the bacterial pathogens.


Northumberland County VA over 5 years ago

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