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Educational poster

Can I get information on the oyster or anything relevant to the Bay for my Master Naturalist booth? We go to various events on the Eastern Shore hoping to interest people, especially children, to care about the Bay and what it provides to their lives.


Northampton County VA 12 months ago

Systemic insecticide

What can be used as a systemic insecticide to kill pine shout weevil once they have entered in the new growth. Surface sprays don't seem to work as they can't penetrate down in the plant to kill the weevil. Have an on-going problem in all my conifers. Thank you


Northampton County VA almost 3 years ago

Pear rust- I think

I started a pear tree about 12 years ago with rooting hormone from a tree that was approximately 80 years old and in declining health. Had been long neglected. I grew the new tree for two years before permanently planting. It has done great until 2 years ago. At about 8 years had a few pieces of fruit. Tree and fruit healthy. Two years ago, I noticed leaves developed an issue. No one seemed to know what it was. Last year I had lots of blooms and fruit! Then I saw they were misshapen. Stumbled on to your site, yes! I have a whole row of about 10 cedars approximately 15 years old about 20 yards from my pear tree. I took pics this morning of what almost looks like "brain coral" that is on the cedars. Does this sound like the spores your article mentioned or is my tree affected by something else? I really want to protect this pear tree. Any assistance or advice is appreciated. Thank you! Janetta


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Northampton County VA 11 months ago

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