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Toxic fighting

Is there any type of application to fight the toxic effect of the black walnut? I have planted some weeping willows in close proximity to several black walnut trees...did this before I knew the black walnut can be toxic to plants and trees. Would the weeping willow possibly be immune? Thanks


Nelson County VA about 1 year ago

weevils in the house

We have a case involving weevils which were found by a local resident on a white colored rug in her house. She is not aware of any weevils in the kitchen. How many types of weevils can be found in residences, and what is the best way to eradicate them? Online resources outline a program of eliminating them from a variety of food sources by segregating them and freezing them. Your thoughts?


Nelson County VA over 2 years ago

I grafted sweet persimmon scion on American wild persimmon stock five years...

I grafted sweet persimmon scion on American wild persimmon stock five years ago. Last year some of the grafted started to produce persimmon, but they are no longer sweet. I used top work grafting, and I personally imported the persimmon from Asia, and know the taste of the persimmon, which I cultured the scion from. Can you tell me why?


Nelson County VA over 7 years ago

Paulownia tomentosa

Very simply, is

Paulownia tomentosa a bad tree for a drain field in terms of roots damaging septic field? We have a brand new drain field and in no time it has been populated with dozens of these fast growers. Are the roots a threat to the function of the field? Thanks, Chris


Nelson County VA over 4 years ago

Pond muck

We recently dredged out the edge of our pond and saved 2 dump truck loads of muck. Is this muck full of nutrients for garden use, and if so, can it be used directly in garden or does it need to set awhile or be mixed in?


Nelson County VA almost 7 years ago

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