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tan mucky clay soil

In general, is the tannish grayish-colored clay soil more or less acid than the red clay? I am used to adding lime to the red but not so sure about this tan mucky clay. My county Extension office told me it would take 2 to 3 weeks for a soil test but I do not have that kind of time. I live in Lacrosse, Virginia, which is about an hour and half south of Richmond. From what I understand this area used to be a kind of swamp area.


Mecklenburg County VA over 5 years ago

Weeds in centipede lawn

What is the best herbicide PRODUCT (for broad leaf,chick weed, and dandelions) to use on centipede lawns? I have had great success with weed and feed, but I don't want to keep "feeding", I just want to weed!!! Thank you


Mecklenburg County VA almost 6 years ago

Plant name, please

Can you please help identify the name of this plant? I don't have any other information on this plant other than my friends planted it at the country club this Spring and like it so much they want to buy more and need the name. I'm a new Master Gardener - class of 2016 and was told this was a good site to use to help people!



Mecklenburg County VA over 4 years ago

Elegans Nana

Did the lady bring you a sample of her problem with this plant----I have the same problem--what to do???


Mecklenburg County VA over 6 years ago

How to know if neighbor's herbicide use is safe

Hello, I found your site by googling safe herbicide use. My neighbor has a field in front of my house where he grows grasses for his horses. Last week he sprayed herbicide and this week the leaves on the trees in my yard shriveled up and my Dad's garden next door died. I'm concerned especially because I have small children who play in the yard. I expect that he will tell me his use is safe. I was hoping you could point me to resources that could tell me without a doubt about the safety of his herbicide use and any recourse I might have. Thank you for your time and concideration.


Mecklenburg County VA over 6 years ago

What spider is this? Found in southern Virginia.

I'm pretty sure its a Brown Recluse. I see the fiddle pionting to it's abdomine, but the pictures I see online are all light brown spiders with a single marking on it's back. I wasn't sure.


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Mecklenburg County VA 6 months ago

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