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white pine tree parasites

what is entering thru the bark on my trees and eating little road map designs on wood and some of the entry hole are large and deep into branches and trunks all the way from an exposed large root up trunk and out branches.


King William County VA over 5 years ago

Mosquito control by the county?

Hello, My family owns a small (8 acre) farm in King William County, very close to the border with Hanover. The insects, and especially mosquitoes, are always bad but this summer they have reached a level that is truly intolerable. I have tried every product available (sprays, traps, foggers, and the anti-larvae stuff you put in the water, as well as a professional exterminator) but all of it barely made a dent. This is not surprising, given that we are virtually surrounded by swampland. I know that in some areas (especially near the coast), the county engages in mosquito control measures, such as spraying swampy areas from the air. I wanted to inquire if this is at all possible in King William, as I am sure I'm not the only one with this problem. Mosquitoes are not just a nuisance but a public health threat, and also spread livestock diseases. Our animals refuse to leave the barn after 4pm and have lost a lot of weight this summer despite our pastures being extremely lush. I can't blame them, as the moment they step outside they are covered in mosquitoes (as am I if I don't coat myself in Deet every 30 minutes!). Fly sprays that used to work in the past don't seem to repel the mosquitoes anymore, and I simply don't know what else to try. Is there anything the county can do? Thank you for your time.


King William County VA over 3 years ago

Cantaloupe vines

What animal would eat the vines of my cantaloupe plants but not touch the leaves & melons?


King William County VA over 4 years ago

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