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Is this plant poisonous ?

Henrico County VA 5 months ago

Please save my Rhododendron!

Can you advise me on saving these plants. Thank you so much.

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Henrico County VA 9 months ago

Insect damage (2 of 2)

Here are more pictures of my plant in the insect control that I used. The first control used was hand sprayed one, the 2nd and 3rd application was using a bottle attached to water hose to spray. Bottle is labeled as ‘up to 14 days insect protection’ so I applied every 14 days. Question #4: how do I prevent the spreading of these insects to neighboring plants? Thank you very much.

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Henrico County VA 9 months ago

Disregard this post

I live in Zone 7....

Henrico County VA over 5 years ago

Is this Boxwood blight/

I have submitted three pictures to get your opinion. Thank you

Henrico County VA 3 months ago

Is this Boxwood blight?

We removed a small boxwood that turned yellow and want to hopefully rule out boxwood blight. Thank you for evaluating the pictures.

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Henrico County VA 3 months ago

kitchen waste to garden without composting

Thanks so much for answering 2 recent questions. Would it be ok to put kitchen waste items under the mulch around knock-out roses, encore azaleas, and various evergreen shrubs? I was thinking of raking the mulch away, laying down vegetable bits including 2" pieces of asparagus ends and also finely ground coffee and tea leaves. I would then rake the mulch over these items.

Henrico County VA 8 months ago

Puss Caterpillar Sting for Tracking/Prevalence Reporting

Good morning, I wanted to know if you would be able to point me in the right direction? I was stung on Sunday afternoon by a Puss caterpillar in the 23231 zip code, and I wasn't sure if anyone is tracking instances like this for tracking/prevalence reporting? I also have a picture of the caterpillar and the sting if it is wanted. I just wanted to offer to contribute data if someone is collecting it! Thanks so much, Emily Foster


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Henrico County VA 4 months ago

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