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White Pine Tree Diseased?

I live in Hanover County and have a 25 year old white pine that is in a row of pines of similar age. The tree's needles are a light pale green color and are half the length of the other pine's needles which are a much darker green. Length is 2.5 in vs 5 in. Otherwise the tree seems in good health. I am concerned that it has a disease that may spread to the other trees.Thank you.


Hanover County VA about 7 years ago

Is my Willow dying? If so would you wager a guess as to why?

My Weeping Willow appears to be "half dead". As we ventured further into summer, it appears that the top half of my tree is dying. The top half only is producing no new growth and the branches seem to be dying (no new leaf or limb growth). The bottom half of the tree is flush with new growth. HELP!


Hanover County VA over 1 year ago

My tree was hit with bagworms

My tree was hit with bagworms and turned brown. Will it recover? How do I care for it? Thanks.



Hanover County VA 11 months ago

bumble bee nest

i was moving a leaf pile in my garden and slightly uncovered a bumble bee nest. what should i do? i threw some leaves back over the nest but am afraid that won't be enough to protect them! don't want to harm them.


Hanover County VA over 4 years ago

reaching for sun crape myrtle

My neighbor planted a dawn redwood about 8 feet from 2 of my (old 20 ft. tall) crape myrtles years ago. Their tree is now so large my crape myrtles are reaching toward my house 20 ft away to get sun. They are blooming ok but the branches have almost reached my house (20 feet away) and when it rains they sag almost to the ground. How can I prune or cut them down to alienate this problem. All the branches are reaching toward me and none toward the redwood almost in the shape of a C! Previous owners planted myrtles and poorly shaped. I live in Virginia zone 7a.


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Hanover County VA over 1 year ago

Willow Oak problem/infestation?

We have two sixty foot+ Willow Oaks in our front yard near our house. In the last few years little green inch worms/canker worms? have infested both trees. One tree has what looks like ant hills on several large upper branches. I don't think these orange powdery "hills" are ants but I don't know what they are. We can't afford to take the trees down and we'd like to get them healthy so they don't fall on the house. Do you have any idea what this powdery stuff is and how to treat it? Thank you.


Hanover County VA over 6 years ago

Root growth

How deep do roots of flowers from seed grow,le; how deep a planter is needed? Thank you


Hanover County VA over 1 year ago

Is there a bacillus thuringiensis (bt) for chiggers?

Surely there is a bacillus thuringiensis bt insecticide for chiggers. (found in Mosquito Dunks and available as a liquid too) Otherwise, the only way to get rid of an infestation in the grass is to use a more broad insecticide that also kills lightening bugs and other beneficials. I've searched all over the webs and cannot find any mention of it. Are there any studies for it? Is there a similar bio -insecticide for chiggers?


Hanover County VA over 2 years ago

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