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Surface Water Drainage problem: need advice please?

Good morning,
We recently purchased the property at 67909 Ogden Rd., Montrose. There is a
large drainage issue that is keeping a portion of the property unusable and
we are not sure what, if anything we can do about it and are reaching out
for help and suggestions.
I grew up a little south of here: 20377 Pahgre Rd., and some years back, my
mother had some people from an organization come out and
assist with some of the same type of issue by installing underground irrigation
piping, etc. I am not sure what organization that was so if you are not
able to help, do you have any contact information of who may please?
Thanks so much for your time,


Montrose County CO about 3 years ago

Why is my chicken losing her feathers

I have 5 chickens. They are Grand Brahmas. They are a year and a half old but I have had them only since June -- so I don't know really what I am doing. They have lots of room -- their run is 12' by 25' and during the day I open that up and let them run in half of my yard -- so they are not stressed for space. One of them is losing her feathers. I don't think she is being pecked. I don't see any blood and I haven't seen the others pick on her. I noticed a bunch of feathers on the ground a couple of days ago, after it rained hard (they don't seem to do much to get out of the rain). Now she has big bare spots on her chest and she looks motley all over. She is eating and seems to be running around with everyone else. I don't know if she is molting, or if it is something that is contagious, or some other kind problem I need to take care of. I haven't found a vet here who can help me. Although it was pretty hot last week, this week has been quite cold and I don't know if I need to worry about that. I can get a picture if you need one. Thank you!


Montrose County CO over 5 years ago

goat/sheep fencing

I'm interested in creating some portable fencing to move a few goats and a couple of sheep around our 2 ac for grass and weed control then butcher them in the fall. I don't think I want to carry anything over the winter. I'm wondering how effective the electric netting is for temporary fencing or would I be better off using some 48" welded wire and t-posts for our soil conditions here in Montrose County?


Montrose County CO about 1 month ago

Plants stripped over night

I have put out new plants, vegetables and flowers, that have been stripped of foliage overnight. I never see an insect. I just put out a Wormwood, 4" tall and the next day the leaves were gone. The same thing happens to my kohlrabi and carrots. They are in different gardens even. I have seen a gold insect shell when turning the garden. I don't know if this is the culprit or not. I need to get rid of this. The neighbors don't seem to be affected. I am looking for organic solutions.


Montrose County CO almost 2 years ago

Avacado tree from seed

I've started an avacodo tree from the seed. It is currently in a plastic cup in starter soil in the kitchen window. It is about 12 inches tall with several leaves. Can I set this plant in the ground outside in the Spring? Does it need other trees to produce fruit?


Montrose County CO over 2 years ago

Aspen Tree Suckers - Save Them While Removing the Now Dead Main Tree

Hello! I have an aspen tree that is young, only about an inch in diameter, that sustained extreme bark damage. This spring the tree budded, but never leafed out and now I see suckers coming up out of the ground close to the tree - within 3 to 12 inches away. I am thinking the main tree has died or is in the process of dying. I would like to keep a couple of these suckers alive to replace the tree that has died. Is this possible and if so, what is the best way to go about it? Thanks so much!


Montrose County CO 12 months ago

when to plant a blueberry bush?

Do I plant a blueberry bush now or after the frost date? It is going in a pot on my deck. I have a south facing porch that it can on and be protected from frost for now.


Montrose County CO about 6 years ago


Ive attached a picture of a leaf that has turned brown and burnt off of my Privet hedge could you advise what I need to do to save my hedge? Also some of the hedges have tiny stunted growth leaves and then others in the same hedge line look just fine.
Thank you


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Montrose County CO almost 3 years ago

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