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flies repellent

Why does this work? put two or three pennies in a ziplock bag, hang it in front of the door and it keeps the flies out...why?


Halifax County VA over 7 years ago

Dead vegetation

I am preparing to use glyphosate to kill all vegetation in a pasture in order to plant a grass that will be benificial to livestock. Will the dead plants still contain the minerals that they have removed from the soil and will they break down and release those minerals back to the soil? Or would it be better to burn the dead material?


Halifax County VA over 4 years ago

Is This a Grapevine Epimenis (Wood Nymph)?

While out in the field today (4/1/17), I caught this very small butterfly. It does not appear in any of my field guides. I saw a very similar picture on this web forum. I caught this specimen in South Boston, Virginia on the bank of the Dan River. I have never seen one of these before and I sure could use some expert advice on what species this is.

Thank You!



Halifax County VA almost 4 years ago

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