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fast growing evergreen screen

My neighbor's 2-story house is uphill from mine. He has cut all the white pines that were growing between our houses. Now I have a serious privacy and curb appeal issue. I need something that will grow tall, dense and fast. What would you suggest? The location is sunny with rocky clay soil. It gets some severe winds in the winter (about 3,000 ft elevation).


Grayson County VA about 5 years ago

Wildlife food plot seed for logging roads

We are harvesting white pine timber from our property in Mouth of Wilson and want to seed the logging roads with wildlife food plot seed this fall. Is there a program available for providing seed for this purpose? Where is the best source for the seed?


Grayson County VA over 7 years ago

pasture maintenance

I have about 30 acres of pasture that someone is grazing. They got the cattle in late and now it probably 2 feet high average and maybe 3 feet in some places. My question is what is the best thing do. Thanks in advance Jeff


Grayson County VA over 4 years ago

When are Maon bees active

When do the Mason bees typically hatch and when are they gone in Grayson County VA?


Grayson County VA almost 7 years ago

Waterfalls and erosion

We live in Elk Creek and are the fortunate owners of Flag Pond Falls aka Benkelman's Falls. In about 1960, my dad built a picturesque retaining wall at the foot of the falls. In the past few years we have had several flood incidents which washed out part of that 50 year old wall. It is a mess now and we need a "thorough analysis of the situation" and suggestions for possible actions to help with the erosion while maintaining the beauty of the falls.



Grayson County VA over 5 years ago

Fish pond management

Is there anyone who could instruct an amateur on how to improve and maintain a fish pond?


Grayson County VA over 6 years ago

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