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Turkey top beak

I have a baby turkey that around 8 weeks old. I have notice that the top beak is missing some of his beak. It eats okay and drinks okay. I notice the other birds have been the one that caused this problem. The other birds are around the same age. My question is will it grow out or will it just stay the same as it grows up. Thanks


Goochland County VA over 2 years ago

Old time apple

What type of apple is this


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Goochland County VA over 4 years ago

eliminating in-ground yellow jackets with no known main entrance hole

How do you eliminate yellow jackets in a large vegetable garden? No one major entrance, just hundreds of small entrance/exit holes. Yellow jackets seem to simply hover about 1 foot above ground. Have tilled soil twice before planting but holes (size of pencil eraser) keep popping up. Can't work my garden. Need instructions as to how to eliminate yellow jackets when no main entrance to nest is apparent.


Goochland County VA over 5 years ago

How should I address this tree problem?

There appeas to be an infestation in this tree. What should I do?


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Goochland County VA over 4 years ago

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