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fruit flies&mosquitoes

I would like to know how to get rid of nates or fruit flies they are everywhere an mosquitoes are everywhere too the mosquitoes they range from little ones to big black ones some of them are as big hawks the first of the summer they sprayed when it was real dry when it rained an the mosquitoes came in bunches how can you get rid of them?


Gloucester County VA over 4 years ago

What is this plant?

I recently bought my house and they left this plant in a pot. I have grape vines, blueberry bushes, apple trees and pear trees on my property. I think it is one of these items but I'm not sure. Do you have any suggestions?



Gloucester County VA over 4 years ago

Front paws across chests; squirrel groups-sexes; guarding peanut piles or not!

The squirrels in my backyard come onto my deck, sit on a little table by my kitchen window and put both front paws across their chests, looking at my beseechingly to give them some peanuts. Why do they put their two front paws together across their chests?

Also what kind of social groups do squirrels live in? One male with multiple females? Groups of males and females?

And why do some squirrels take one peanut from one of several piles of peanuts I put on my deck, then run several feet away, leaving unprotected the pile they found, to eat a single peanut? Yet why do others stay with the peanut pile and eat all they can, chasing other squirrels away if they come near? Is it a hierarchal order of some kind or something else?


Gloucester County VA over 3 years ago

Is there anything that will get rid of chickweed but leave clover alone?

We have pastures for horses and some beautiful clover, but chickweed is invading and I would like to get rid of it but leave the clover alone. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Gloucester County VA over 6 years ago


A friend and I are at odds over what this plant is? I say it's a hazelnut, he isn't sure what it is but doesn't think it's a hazelnut bush. This plant is a huge bush. Once you get through the leaves at the front there is nothing but branches in the middle.



Gloucester County VA over 4 years ago

Metal disc cut around the base of a fruit tree to avoid getting weeds good or bad?

My friend had an idea to cut holes out of the center of round metal discs to place around the trunks of small fruit trees to avoid weeding at the base of the tree. The disc of course would have a slit cut to bend it open so it could be placed around the tree. I think the disc would get too hot in the summer sun and damage the tree. Additionally if the trunk thickened significantly it would be hard to bend and remove without scrapping or possibly damaging the bark at the base of the tree. What is the opinion of the experts?


Gloucester County VA about 2 years ago

Dying fruit tree

I have a lot of fruit trees and they are developing brown spots on the leaves and then the leaves are dying and falling off. Been spraying with copper spray but doesn't seem to be working.


Gloucester County VA over 4 years ago

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