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animal identification

I live in the country and recently saw an animal that I have never seen before. I have looked at pictures of wildlife but so far I have been unable to identify it. I'm hopeful that you can help me. The animal seemed relatively tame. Here is the description:
About the size of a large raccoon. Brown fur, cute face, not a pointed nose. The most prominent feature was that it had little arrow shapes (pointed upward) over it's eyes. It did not have they typical mask of a raccoon. The animal slinked like a cat; the body was long and it could jump like a spring. It had a tail with rings on it.


Cumberland County VA almost 6 years ago

Peace lily

My peace Lily is drooping! Help! I'm looking for advice from plant enthusiasts/horticulture students/anyone who can help on reviving my peace lily which has begun to droop after I left it out for two days while I was out of town (I know now that that was a big mistake :-|). I really want the plant to revive again. However, I'm not sure if the droop is due to rotting roots or over-exposure to sun. Please help! (I've attached before and after pics)


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Cumberland County VA over 5 years ago

1 jar of jam remained liquid after canning

I made a batch of blueberry jam and canned them in 4 oz mason jars using a water bath. I also filled two pint size containers with the same jam mixture but did not use the water bath because they were going into the refrigerator to be consumed within the next week or two. One of the 4 oz jars never firmed up and remained a complete liquid. What happened?


Cumberland County VA over 7 years ago

green beans wont sprot

been growing green beans for 30 years.I have never had them not sprot until 4 years ago.Had to plant 3 times to get a crop then. Last year planted 4 times,never got more than 5 or6 plants.Iplant corn and beans togather corn comes up,but no beans.I have check ph[ok]. HELP


Cumberland County VA over 7 years ago

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