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Replanting after bagworms

Bag worms killed my trees and I have recently cut them down. When is it safe to re-plant new trees? And do I need to treat the soil?


Culpeper County VA over 1 year ago

Weeds or phlox?

I've got a large section of pink tall phlox. In different areas of my garden there are what appear to be phlox coming up. The inside of the leaf by the crown is reddish. Should I pull them up or is this a different strain than what I've got. Thanks for your reply. Gail


Culpeper County VA over 4 years ago

Possible to treat powder post beetle infestation in structure with heat?

I have a significant powder post beetle infestation of the 2 x 4s in my garage. Judging from exit hole size and the fact that many pieces of loose lumber are also infested (walnut, maple,oak, pine) it is probably Anobiidae. The garage is not attached to my home. The structural wood is pine, untreated, unpainted, exposed and 60 years old. There is plastic siding on the outside. The floor is cement. There is a metal roof, with a new chimmney for stove pipe to small pot bellied wood stove. I have read about borax containing products and I have painted all exposed wood with Bora Care. I am not able to coat the surface between the 2 x 4s or old wooden siding and the new plastic siding. I want to avoid fumigation because of cost and chemicals.
I have read that heat is a very good way to treat for adult, larvae and eggs. I was wondering if I wrapped the 20 x 20 foot structure in plastic on one of our 95 + degree days, the temperature would get high enough to kill the beetle larvae and eggs. Hopefully the temp would be raised to 120 degrees or more. I could build a small fire in the little wood stove, or add heat lamps if the plastic wrap did not raise the temperature enough. I would remove all non wooden items before the wrap. I have a remote thermometer to monitor the temp. Fire of course is a concern but doubtful it would get that hot. I suppose another risk would be having the plastic melt and discolor the siding. Clear plastic might work as well as black. Has anyone tried this? I could find no information about heat treatment for structures. There were many articles about wrapping lumber in black plastic or using a kiln to heat treat infested lumber. Any ideas?


Culpeper County VA almost 4 years ago

Oak diseases

My oak trees are dying. Is there a disease causing this in county?


Culpeper County VA over 6 years ago

Looking for a publication

How can I get a copy of the following publication? "Building and Operating a Fruit and Vegetable Irrigation System" It is referenced in this article: ...which specifically says, "...HortReport Garden Enthusiast Series #1, Building and Operating a Fruit and Vegetable Irrigation System from the Penn State Franklin County Cooperative Extension office." Thanks! Roger Williams


Culpeper County VA almost 5 years ago

ccoggins test

Is it illegal to sell a horse without a coggins or other shots in MD?


Culpeper County VA about 1 year ago

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