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Reestablishing lawn

I am hoping to get my front yard lawn reestablished this year. In doing some online research, I came across a variety of Bermuda Grass called Cynodon Dactylon. It's supposed to be a good grass for yards with dogs. Some of it was offered as plugs, I also have found seed, which I am more inclined to use, mixed with some other type of grass seed. I noticed on the Plant Talk website (, they talk about Bermuda Grass as a weed. What is your advice on this?


Moffat County CO about 1 year ago

green chili sauce

Can you make your own Green Chili sauce and can it with a pressure canner? I can not find times to pressure it I know a lot of people do but cannot find anything on how many minutes and how many pounds of pressure. Thank YOu


Moffat County CO over 4 years ago

ground cover

I need some drought resistant, low maintenance mostly full sun ground cover for Craig Co.


Moffat County CO 11 days ago

coffee chaff organic fertilizer

What is the nutrient value of coffee chaff?


Moffat County CO over 2 years ago

Well water irrigation questions

Here is an analysis of our well water Will gypsum ammendments work and occasional washing with drinking water for our lawn and garden?
chloride 122 mg/l SAR 14.0 ratio
conductivity 0.967 mmho/cm tds 619 mg/l
total N 1.3 mg/l sulfur 53 mg/l
total sodium 220 mg/l


Moffat County CO almost 3 years ago

Eagle in back yard

I live in Craig CO. There is an eagle sitting on the fence 500 yards from our back yard. I do not want it to attack our older dog who struggles to walk around the back yard or our cats. Is there something I can do to scare it away?
Ran Macdonald
801 865 2641


Moffat County CO over 2 years ago


Can you successfully grow pomegranites in craig, colorado?


Moffat County CO over 3 years ago

??my tree

Could you please tell me about my tree so I take good care of


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Moffat County CO over 4 years ago

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