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Internet (DSL) Speed Availability

We are rural. Our only internet option is CenturyLink DSL. We signed up for the max speed they could provide (6 mbps). I wanted to get rid of our landline associated with account. However, CenturyLink says they can only provide 3 mbps to our address if we MAKE ANY CHANGES to our account. How does this work? Seems like if CTL has the hardware in place to provide our current 6 mbps, they must be using some software "somewhere" to throttle us down. Is there any device I can use to continue getting our current speed?


Carroll County VA 4 months ago

Invasive bittersweet vine

Where can I get some help to rid my forest of this vine?


Carroll County VA over 5 years ago

what kind of bat did i see

i live in virginia along the N.Caro;ins state line i recently saw a bat that was redish in color and had light colored wings, almost cream color and much larger than any brown bat that i had seen give you an idea of the color...when i first saw it i thought it was a carnial flying out of the woods...can anyone tell me what kind of bat this was...having no luck finding anything even close to what i saw on the internet...thanks for any help...p.sw..i have a video of it but it will have to be blown up to see any detail...thanks again


Carroll County VA 6 months ago

How to treat blossom rot on tomatoes

How to treat blossom rot on tomatoes


Carroll County VA over 7 years ago

I am Allergic to Poison Ivy

I moved from Vt to Va 14 months ago. I am experiencing poison ivy like 5 times. In some cases it shows up on my upper leg or stomach which no way I touched it directly. I am thinking my small dog is rolling in it. How long does Poison Ivy stay active? I live in Woodlawn, Va (southwest). I guess it must be possible, I have had many people who are familiar with it say that is what I keep getting. I was not getting anymore in VT for years. Is there a vaccine for this?What is it called?


Carroll County VA over 4 years ago

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