Botetourt County, Virginia

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Is this possibly a wild geranium

And I wanted to know if this is a wild geranium or if it's something else


Botetourt County VA over 4 years ago

Tree stump

What is growing on this old tree stump



Botetourt County VA over 4 years ago

Can you please help me Identify this new flower

Please help my family identify this new flower that has been given to out family


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Botetourt County VA over 4 years ago


2 questions on blueberries.

I have 6 plants about 5 years old. I have to move them since they will be in shade due to construction this spring. When can I move them?

The plants have had very few berries over the years but last year they had no flowers at all, not one berry. Later in the summer the main stem on 3 of the plants shot up about 4 feet and all plants look healthy. I have been giving them acid due to recommendations of Va. extension a couple years ago. Why were there no berries and such extreme growth last summer?


Botetourt County VA about 4 years ago

Wild cherry pruning

Can wild cherry be pruned back to make a more compact tree? We have one that is very tall but has not much foliage on the lower portion. When we bought the house several years ago we didn't think the tree was going to make it much longer. But I started giving it Bayer "tonic" once a year for the past 4 years and the foliage is decidedly healthier. We are renting a man lift in a couple weeks to remove dead branches but didn't know if there was anything that we could do to improve the shape of the tree. Would be grateful for any tips. Thanks.


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Botetourt County VA over 4 years ago


My niece woke up in the middle of the night with this spider crawling up her leg under her bed covers. Said it was brown about 2" big. What the heck is it?!?! And please hurry!



Botetourt County VA over 6 years ago

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