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Issues with our mature weeping cherry tree

It started with some bald spots and extra sap leaking from the trunk but now appears to have a white powdery appearance on the trunk where the bark is missing and leaves in some spots are turning orange and have brown spots. Tried looking up online but says it could be caused by overwatering, under watering, a fungus or beetles getting through the trunk so would appreciate any insight or advice on the issue and how to resolve. TIA!

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Arlington County VA 5 months ago

Dog Waste Fertilizer

My husband and I are gardeners and I have recently come across information/people that have told me that using dog waste as fertilizer can be harmful to both the plants and the people eating the fruit/vegetables from the garden. If you could please direct me towards literature on this subject, or just someone who could explain to me what the affects are/if there are any affects, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, is there a way to compost the waste to make it usable? Thank you so much, and have a great day!


Arlington County VA almost 5 years ago

What’s wrong with my boxwood?

I have four boxwoods that are dropping their leaves. I’m not sure what is happening to them. Do you have any thoughts?



Arlington County VA 4 months ago

Treatment for 100 year old American Holly Suffering from Sapsucker Holes

I read online that cleaning the holes w peroxide or soap and water is the first step. This is followed either by a fill in of silicone; taping over w duct tape; or, covering w some other treatment for plant wounds. Our tree started succumbing about three weeks ago. An expensive arborist pointed out the sapsucker holes but said nothing can be done. I refuse to buy that. Any help would be very much appreciated.



Arlington County VA over 5 years ago

What is a borer?

I have a cherry tree that is dying. I was told that it has borers. What is it and how can I control or eliminate them?


Arlington County VA over 3 years ago

Why is my 100+-year-old American holly thinning at the top?

We have four very tall, old American hollies. One has a trunk that splits into two and this particular tree began to show thinning at the top of both trunks in the past few weeks. The three trees next to it are not showing any thinning at all. Is this something to be concerned about? The pictures show this holly on the left. The two main trunks show the thinning, especially when compared to the trees to its right.



Arlington County VA over 5 years ago

What is this tree?

Saw in a a park in Arlington va. Looks like a gardenia but not as fragrant. Could be a very mature bush but is treesized...10 to 12 bud white but bloom in a light orangeish color



Arlington County VA over 4 years ago

outdoor houseplant problem

Do you have staff available to help us figure out why suddenly all of the plants on my balcony are dying? Every kind of plant, new and old, even those planted in new dirt, clean pots and tools, they last for a couple of weeks and then they fail to flower, wilt and die. I am not doing anything differently from the past 20 years of balcony gardening. I would like to bring in one or two of the plants and see if you can tell why they fail to thrive, fail to take up water, and die. And are others in Arlington experiencing a similar problem? thank you


Arlington County VA over 7 years ago

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