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Tree health

I have several extra large trees on my properly on Dykeland Road, and am concerned about their health and safety. Who can I contact for a proper evaluation of the trees.


Amelia County VA over 2 years ago

Is goat manure containing Decoquinate safe to use in Vegetable garden

We have 2 goats who eat a cup (per goat) of Purina medicated Noble Goat food daily. We clean the barn daily and have a stack of straw with goat manure pellets, some well composted, some fresher. Since the manure contains the Decoquinate, is it safe to use as mulch for my veggies?


Amelia County VA over 5 years ago


We suspect nematodes in our snap beans as the cause of damage. How do I control nematodes?


Amelia County VA over 5 years ago

Swampy Yard

Our property backs up to a community pond. Generally, the closer one gets to the pond, the wetter the ground gets, except near the pond edge and around a grove of cedars. Our neighbor has the same issue and he put in a french drain, but it doesn’t seem to help. Unless it hasn’t rained for some time, cutting the grass is not possible.



Amelia County VA 2 months ago

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