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Irrigation ditch seeping onto foundation of house

Water from an unlined irrigation ditch, running across my property, is seeping through the ground and has reached the foundation of my house, which is now continuously wet, and being progressively damaged. The ditch company says they do not have the funds to line the ditch. Are they responsible for the cost of repairs to my house and of the work needed (excavation, waterproof membrane, buried drainage pipes, etc.) to divert water away from my foundation or do I have to assume that cost?

Mesa County CO almost 2 years ago

clay soil

I have heavy clay soil in Grand Junction, Co. What additive do I use for my vegetable garden.

Mesa County CO over 1 year ago

Alpaca poop as a fertilizer and compost?

My original question was about the value of alpaca poop as a fertilizer and compost. Because of the nature of the product alpaca-gold L.L.C. has processed this fertilizer by breaking it down into smaller pieces and as a dust mixed with water to help its nutritional value come out quicker. Wanted to ask your opinion on its nutritional value? I would like to post your response on our web site for

Mesa County CO over 6 years ago

Help identifying scat

I discovered this scat nearby my bird feeders. I live on a hill in the Ridges subdivision in Grand Junction, Colorado. The area is natural arid vegetation. Prickly pear cactus, grasses, rocky, dry. The scat is light in color, very dry (may have been there a few days). It contained seeds (not bird seed-natural local) but no obvious hair/bone fragments. There was mainly what appears to be plant/fiber material. It's the size of a medium dog's scat. It's not in a fenced area. I wore disposable gloves and double bagged it in plastic doggie bags before putting in the trash.

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Mesa County CO over 2 years ago

Nectarine leaves are wierd.

I think this could be from all the weird weather this year but the end leaves, near the tips of branches or new growth is all curly and looks like they are dry or something. Could you let me know if this is something to worry about or not.


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Mesa County CO almost 5 years ago

Does changing the lead angle of a worm change the gearweel diameter?

I'm trying to rebuild the gearbox of an obsolete horizontal / vertical metal cutting bandsaw. The replacement worm & gear which I ordered seemed to be the same (worm size & # of teeth on the gear wheel) but the gear wheel is a slightly larger diameter. I noticed that the worm lead (helix) angles are slightly different. Will this change the gear wheel diameter? I would rather fix the old saw than buy a new import. Not correct I know,but would turning down the worm (1" PD) about 1/16"" be such a sin? This is my own saw, not one I am trying to fix for someone else.


Mesa County CO over 4 years ago


When is the best time to fertilize (nitrogen) pasture grass in western Co?


Mesa County CO over 2 years ago

Was there a resolution to this question asked on May 19, 2016, “Premature Leaf Drop - Honey Locust”

I followed this interesting thread to the bottom and it pretty much summed up the problem we are having with our honey locust. However, the final note was “I will take a look at your sample you dropped off”. Wondering if there was a resolution to this issue? It may help others out with a similar problem.


Mesa County CO 10 months ago

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