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Mushrooms in Field

Is this an edible "Field Mushroom" by chance? The spores from one that grew a few weeks ago looked tan-brown. The spores on the one in the attached photos look greenish (like mold).


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Accomack County VA over 4 years ago

List of forestry consultants

Please provide a list of consultants for Accomac county Va forestry harvesting and mgt


Accomack County VA about 6 years ago

Tom's sycamores

Why don't my sycamores leaf up as fast as others in the area. And why do the branches die, while the trees get considerable growth on the trunks where they should not? I bought (64) 3 1/2" sycamores to line my driveway. I had asked the nursery man about some trees larger then 2 1/2" to see if I could afford them and was told there were some 3 1/2" trees which could be had for a good price because they had been "trimmed too high". They were installed in spring of 2015. They were certainly trimmed high. The ball of the leaves is much higher then normal configuration. They seemed to grow OK last year perhaps a little slow and they were getting lower growth on the trunks which I would clip off. This spring I noticed that they came in much slower then other sycamores in my area. They also had sporadic growth, sometimes in bunches, and many had entire branches which did not come in at all. They also have considerable growth that comes in on the trunks, but not on the top round area where it should be growing.


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Accomack County VA over 4 years ago

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