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Muskgrass in pond

We have a small quarter acre spring fed pond that this spring has large beds of muskgrass taking over. We would like to know the best way to deal with this problem. In the past two years we have used a commerical bacteria additive to control green algae in the pond with some success. Should we continue this treatment? Thank you, Alan and Wendy Regier


Windsor County Vermont over 4 years ago

Monarch butterflys

When are they the best times to mow fields in Vermont in regard to preserving Monarch habitat? I live in Sharon Vermont.


Windsor County Vermont about 2 years ago

chlorine in water

does the chlorine in water change the calcium into calcium chloride.My p.h. gets real acid the older and bigger pots they end up in.I never feed below 6.2 ph


Windsor County Vermont almost 4 years ago

our apple trees didn't blossom

Me and my Windsor, Vt. neighbors have noticed that our apple trees had very few blossoms this year. I guess this means we won't have much of an apple crop, which is puzzling. Could this be the price of having such a huge crop last year (2015), or is something else afoot? Are other backyard apple growers having this problem, to your knowledge?


Windsor County Vermont over 4 years ago

Pond algae eating fish

We have a small pond and it grows a lot of algae in the summer. Can you recommend some fish that might help keep this under control? Thank you.


Windsor County Vermont over 1 year ago

Porcupine gnawing wood porch

Hi We have a log home with a painted wood porch in Ludlow, our land is mostly wooded and we use well water. I saw some deep scrapes in the paint last week. Over the weekend, I heard a scratching sound, like mice between the walls in an older home, but louder. Turned on the porch light and found a porcupine munching on the ends of one of the porch boards. Shooed it away but it returned the next night. Is there something nontoxic I can use that won't ruin the paint or wood but will keep our quilled neighbor away?


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Windsor County Vermont over 3 years ago

Looking to have a healthy pond.

I am looking for guidance on maintaining a healthy pond. We just purchased a home that has a dug pond on it. There is a small beaver lodge on it. The water is murky greyish. The area around the pond is overgrown. I am looking to clear it out and want to make it a safe haven for wildlife. I am hoping to have a thriving ecosystem. Any help or direction that you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Scott


Windsor County Vermont about 4 years ago

what species of trees are deseased in vermont? have been trying to find...

what species of trees are deseased in vermont? have been trying to find someone who can tell us what the problem is with a tree that leaves are yellowing and dying. it started about a month ago, and we'd like to know who we can talk with about the tree. we don't know what kind of tree it is. thanks


Windsor County Vermont about 4 years ago

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