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hello. My strawberry plants are in their third year now and developed what...

hello. My strawberry plants are in their third year now and developed what looks like the beginning stages of leaf scorch. ( I did made the mistake and did not get rid of the old leaves last fall). They produced great this year. Can I renovate the bed and hopefully get rid of the scorch? Can I use these runners to start a new bed? Or do I have to get new plants ?


Windham County Vermont about 6 years ago

Small flying insect infestation

I live in Marlboro, VT, and my neighbors and I have been experiencing a sudden infestation of tiny flying insects that gather around lights. Often they show up in larger numbers at night and many are dead by morning. They are very light and easy to kill, but there are so many of them, it's very inefficient. They are small enough to slip through the spaces in a window screen, but we are very reluctant to close our windows all day and night and miss the precious VT summer air. Do you know what kind of insect they might be, how long we will have to deal with this and/or how we can best deal with the hordes? Our spiders are loving it, but there are SO many of them, it would be great to find a way to deal with them.


Windham County Vermont about 3 years ago

transplanting orchids

I have had an orchid for about 4 years. It is a small variety and it blooms every year. It came in a very small pot and when the roots started coming over the top, I transplanted it to a larger pot. Now, the roots are well over the top and down the sides of the plant pot, but I don't think I should transplant it as it is blooming. I thought i could perhaps transplant when it stopped blooming, but after it put out 14 blossoms this summer into the fall, it took a few days off when lo and behold I saw the beginnings of new blossoms. It is currently blossoming and there are 4 more buds coming. I water it with 1/2 cup of water once a week and it is in a north, north-west facing window and appears to be very happy there even though it gets quite a lot of sun in the summer and it is chilly in the window during the winter. The plant pot it is in is about 6" across the much bigger should I go and should the roots be under the planting mix? thank you so much


Windham County Vermont over 2 years ago

Using fish for mosquito control in ornamental pond

Hello -
We bought a house in southern Vermont last year that has a small ornamental pond (about 20 ft x 8 ft & 3 ft deep). I prefer not to use pump recirculation, but I'm interested in using small fish for mosquito control. Any advice you can give would help (i.e., literature on this specific to New England, species, sources to purchase from, etc). I'm familiar with mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis), but I know they're not native to Vermont, so I expect they should probably not be an option for me. Any advice you can give would be appreciated & thanks.


Windham County Vermont over 2 years ago


i have several extensive mole infestations to the extend that walking on grass is dangerous. any way of getting rid of the buggers ?


Windham County Vermont almost 6 years ago

Moving to Brookline, VT in July to start a farm

How do I go about getting information on soil type, agricultural pests, planting suggestions for Brookline. I've been asked to start a farm at a therapeutic initiative called Inner Fire. I'm coming from New York, have been apprenticing on farms for the last five years, and before I move to Vermont I wanted to start getting as much helpful info as possible. Thank you in advance for considering my question. Sincerely, Peter Alexanian


Windham County Vermont over 4 years ago

Test for water Quality

How do I test the water quality of a spring on my property. I want to design a running water feature for birds and pollinators but want to be sure the water is not tainted.


Windham County Vermont over 1 year ago

Need Weed ID

I'm trying to figure out what this is so I may better control it. It's definitely not field bindweed (roots aren't fleshy/snappy and running like bindweed would.)
Here are some specifics

  • Growing on an untilled bank.
  • Growing too stoutly to be an annual; starting to vine with ~ 18" growth, (annuals are just sprouting here in VT, and these shoots are coming from same roots as dead shoots from last year); looks like they'll grow inches a day.
  • Leaves are heart shaped, and pointed tip. Have ocrea (or what seems to be one)
  • Stem and leaves are pubescent - can't see hairs with naked eye, but can feel and see with lens.
  • Stems are reddish

I want to call this wild buckwheat, it seems to match almost all the criteria, but buckwheat is annual, and my weed is perennial. I've rejected every other weed I can find in online guides for one reason or another. Got a clue?


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Windham County Vermont over 5 years ago

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