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Insects on Raspberries

What works to protect raspberries from damaging insects. Thank you Diane


Washington County Vermont over 7 years ago

Reclaiming Apple Orchard

I have an apple orchard on my property that I just purchased last spring that has about 25 to 30 trees. Some of the trees boast a DBH of 24-32 inches. After years of neglect they have gotten quite high but are still taking up nutrients and leaving out and even producing apples. How would I go about pruning them to bring them down or find out what varieties they are. A friend of mine who is a biologist estimated that the orchard was probably 200 + years old. Any advice?


Washington County Vermont over 3 years ago

deer and salt resistant landscape plants for zone 3

our neighborhood in Montpelier is creating a landscape plan plus a list of native deer and salt resistant plants for our area...we'd love any information you can share...

thanks very much, Sally Smith MEd UVM


Washington County Vermont over 1 year ago

What herbiside is recomended to get rid of poisonous parsnip?

I got burned by this horribly trying to erradicate it last year. I am ready to kill it. I do want the safest poison available as the run off could get into a field used for raising organic goat feed. If this plant spreads to the field then the goat feed will be poisousous to the animals. The poisous parsnips has to be stopped.


Washington County Vermont over 1 year ago

Orange rust - your info says to destroy infected plants Neighbors plants -...

Orange rust - your info says to destroy infected plants Neighbors plants - she did not - I read this today Is the Fruit compromised? Will walking in the patch now risk infecting more plants? Orange rust has long since not been visible Will need to note which ones early next year - some we might be able to pull this year Destroy -- black garbage bag? Burn? How to dispose -- not the farmer they are across the road and not internet savvy. Thought I'd ask as many questions all at once I could think about


Washington County Vermont about 4 years ago

Relocating woodchuck

I have a woodchuck living under my garage. I need to move him but want to do it humanely. Can I borrow Have a heart trap somewhere in Central VT and what would be good process to follow. Or is there a better way to get him out?


Washington County Vermont about 5 years ago

business advisor service

Hi there,
My friend John, from Clearfield Farm in Granville, has been bragging about the great suggestions he's been getting from his UVM business advisor. I am not a farmer-- though we do raise chickens and sell their eggs at farmers' markets, if that helps-- but I do make kimchi, kraut, pickles and kombucha that I sell at farmers' markets. As much as possible, I use locally grown organic produce in my creations.

Do you have a business advisor program for food processors? I am at a critical juncture for growth of my business and could use some experienced suggestions. Please let me know what might be possible through UVM Extension.

Thank you,
Beki Auclair
Vermont Fermentation Adventures
Chief Fermenting Officer


Washington County Vermont about 2 years ago

Wanting bats at home

Hi, about 8-10 years ago we had a nice bat population. We live partly open/wooded and ponds/marsh land, in Rural Duxbury ( VT ).
I would love it to bring them back, I have a bat house, and could feed a very large population.
Do you know who to turn to for further information, and how I could entice getting them.
I am aware of this White Nose Syndrome, but heard they were making a comeback.


Washington County Vermont over 2 years ago

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