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Type of bird eggs

We came back from vacation, was watering a hanging basket on our front porch, and a bird flew out. Inside are 4 eggs in a nest. What type of bird eggs? Should we just rehang the basket in the same spot, or move it on to a hook further away from our seats on the porch?



Rutland County VT about 1 year ago

We recently had a severe hail storm that left my panniculata hydrangea...

We recently had a severe hail storm that left my panniculata hydrangea stripped of most of its leaves and with many bark "wounds". It looks pretty awful. Should I cut out the branches that don't show any signs of green or wait and see? Do you think it can survive on maybe less than a quarter of its normal leaves?


Rutland County VT about 6 years ago

Insect eating freshly painted exterior house trim

Within the past month, I completed painting the brick mold trim on my house a deep crimson color and have noticed that some type of insect has been nibbling off the sharp edges of the trim revealing the white primer beneath. The previous color was a less conspicuous mauve with no damage observed over decades. I suspected wasps or some type of bee as I've previously witnessed them nibbling on my unpainted deck railings but haven't actually seen them on the house trim. I have however observed an occasional grasshopper perched on siding near the trim.
What might the culprit be and how can it be addressed?
Thank you.
The culprits appear to be grasshoppers as I found one on a freshly painted shutter with damage to the paint already. Are they attracted to the color or the paint and how can they be deterred?


Rutland County VT 12 months ago


My family and I are in the process of buying a home in Rutland County, and we want to use the woods as a silvopastue. Is there someone in your office who can help us with that, or would the County Forrester be able to help?
Freedom Farm


Rutland County VT about 1 year ago

Is there a non state aligned Master Gardener course?

I want to sign up for a Master Gardener course but am possibly going to be moving from Vermont to another (unknown at this point) state within the next several months. Is there a course that I can sign up for which will "travel" with me? Thanks


Rutland County VT almost 7 years ago

What is this plant?

What is this plant in
my new yard?



Rutland County VT about 4 years ago


Can solarization of the soil in a greenhouse kill an infestation of grasshoppers?


Rutland County VT 27 days ago

Maple tree weird

What is this


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Rutland County VT about 4 years ago

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