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Weeds taking over Horse pastures

Just this year I have a weed that is taking over my horse pastures. It has small yellow flowers on it and a pod that has a seed in it that rattles when shaken. I think it is a form of rattlesnake weed. How do I get rid of it?


Orleans County Vermont over 5 years ago

Brood II Cicadas

Dear expert,
I hear the cicadas are coming to the NorthEast and will soon emerge to mate. I also read that the females have a saw like action that burrows their eggs into small tree branches and when these little things come out of their eggs they drop to the ground, burrow down and feed off the sap from roots of trees.

I am greatly concerned for my fruit trees which are already normally under assault from apple maggot. With many trees (and what about blueberry bushes or even nonfruit bearing bushes like lilacs, or even just our gardens...etc), I am wondering how will I protect them, without going to the costly extent that a large farm may have the financial ability to do? I have tried to look for netting, but mostly bird netting is wildly available and not the correct dimensions......but if I sewed it together would it be strong enough? I read cicadas are 3 inches long!! (making my stomach turn really...) they must be pretty tough....what is the layman, non large ag (agricul)-man/ poor farmer to do? Please please write an article addressing this for everyone or reply individually to me, as time permits. Thank you for your knowledge, advice and willingness to share with the community. Much appreciation,


Orleans County Vermont over 7 years ago

Balsam tree is turning brown

A large portion of one side of one of our balsam trees is turning brown. Could you help us?


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Orleans County Vermont over 7 years ago

Logging Contract

My brothers and I own a 45-acre parcel in Newport Center, Vermont, that we want to log according to our approved Forest Management Plan. I have a logger in mind and would like to send him a contract. Do you have a template for a logging contract that you can share?

Thanks very much.
David Sleeper


Orleans County Vermont about 2 years ago

Back Yard Chickens

I am Newport City's Zoning Administrator and I am involved with dealing with a back yard chicken fad. My question is do you have instructional material that details how to build proper facilities for back yard chickens. Specifically, a properly designed coop for year round care, and how to install a fence that will keep the chickens inside the fenced area. We are having a major problem with people buying chickens who do not have a clue how to properly care for them. Any information from a credible source you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank You, Charles Elliott, Newport City Zoning Administrator, 334-5181


Orleans County Vermont over 4 years ago

What is this??

Is this mock orange or a baby japanese lilac??


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Orleans County Vermont about 4 years ago


My pumpkin plants are getting big but I have no flowers on them. Did I do something wrong? They were planted in cow manure.


Orleans County Vermont about 5 years ago

Hi. I have a # of your "Northern Lights" azaleas, which by and...

Hi. I have a # of your "Northern Lights" azaleas, which by and large survive well but don't always have much for flowers. I have a couple in full sun, figuring I could get by with that here since high heat is rare, and they are doing well except for disappointing flower output. I recently bought, in NY, a Stewartstonian azalea, knowing this is iffy in terms of cold hardiness. But, it is the deep red I wanted, and there aren't any of your NL ones that are deep red. The tag says good to -10, and a description on the internet said -20, both of which can be exceeded here easily. My question is, is the cold hardiness mostly a root issue or is it everywhere. I will give it what protection I can, -coverage with leaves, of which I have many, and/or straw, but wondered if you had any other advice about how best to give this a chance. Are there more winter hardy red varieties? Thanks, and do keep up the good work. t


Orleans County Vermont over 6 years ago

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