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Sick maple tree

We have a big old maple that seems to be ill. A lot of branches dying, dark stain down the branches. Leaves died early last year. Is there someone who can come take a look?


Lamoille County Vermont over 4 years ago


Hardwick, VT I had had bats in my attic for past 5 summers and I'm scared to death of them (live alone). They wake me up swooping down by me in bed in the pitch dark. Last summer I spent considerable money to plug every hole from my bedroom and all upstairs to attic. This morning I found a bat in a mouse trap in my bedroom! It had been there a while, probably came during the heat wave last few days. PLEASE ADVISE on how I can get them out of my attic!! I leave on Sept. 2 for NYC and China where I work. I didn't write earlier as I thought they were gone forever! THANKS. Joyce Slayton Mitchell, 917 434 6852


Lamoille County Vermont about 5 years ago

electronic repeller


Can chickens hear electronic repellents? We have a small flock of laying chickens. Also, some unwanted chipmunks and deer in our vegetable gardens a few feet from the chickens. Even if they can not hear it, could it make them nervous? We have a small apiary several yards away. Could this hurt them?

Thank you-



Lamoille County Vermont about 5 years ago

House plant

Sorry, but I haven't found the information I'm looking for anywhere else. I have an epiphyllum plant that persists in sending out long hairy shoots. Why does this plant do this, how do I stop it ? I tossed one out over the summer (it was nearly all hairy shoots by then) and it actually started growing leaves! I'm frustrated by this plant because I have seen ones that are actually very lovely. Anything you could tell me would be appreciated.


Lamoille County Vermont 11 months ago

I have thirty blueberry bushes in my yard. They have blueberry maggots pretty...

I have thirty blueberry bushes in my yard. They have blueberry maggots pretty bad since they decided rotenone was cancer causing. Can I use organicide? Or something else like neem? I also have witches broom and read an article that said cut the whole stalk. Should I wait till spring to put less stress on the plant? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Darlene McConnell


Lamoille County Vermont about 5 years ago

Veratrum viride (False Hellebore)

I found a plant on the trails of Johnson state university, and I believe it to be False Hellebore, a toxic plant. Though I want confirmation on what it is. I took some photos of the plant and have listed them bellow.


Img_9938_300x300%2523 Img_9934_300x300%2523

Lamoille County Vermont over 2 years ago

Aronia infection

My Aronia bush has some type of disease - looking for identification so I can treat accordingly



Lamoille County Vermont about 1 year ago

Has anyone imported semen from Valais Blacknose sheep into the US?

The Valais Blacknose sheep breed has been in Switzerland for over 600 years.

I would like to raise Valais Blacknose sheep in Vermont. Has anyone in the US imported semen from this breed from any country? If so, could I please get contact information? If not, I have the VS17-129 form and a contact in Switzerland. Are there any US companies that can import sheep semen from Switzerland?

Thank you


Lamoille County Vermont about 5 years ago

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