Grand Isle County, Vermont

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Hops growing

Who should I contact to help me determine if our land will or could sustain producing hops for local brewers?


Grand Isle County Vermont about 5 years ago

How to get a bat out of my bedroom

After I went to bed last night it was but a few minutes before I heard something odd. Grabbed my flashlight and there was this big brown bat flying in circles around my bedroom, having no where to get out. It was swooping down every so often, probably to miss the fan [which was not in motion]. Not wanting to stay with the bat, and knowing I wasn't going to get it out at that time, I got out of bed and ducked a couple times myself -- leaving the room and closing the the door behind me. > > This morning I went back into my bedroom to pick a couple items up while looking for the bat. Could not see the little creature, and there are numerous hiding places. I plan to go back into the bedroom and open the window and screen up wide, so hopefully tonight or sometime today the bat might fly out. [I have had other bats in my bedroom, yet usually they have been hanging on the screen in the window -- and it has been several years since the last one.] > > What do I really need to do ? Thank you! Sue


Grand Isle County Vermont about 5 years ago

Mildew on spruce trees

We have a line of spruce (I think) on our property, some of which have a green mildew on the branches. At least 2 trees are dead—from the mildew? I have attached photos of the mildew on branches and one of the dead trees


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Grand Isle County Vermont about 1 year ago

Tiny white worm in our Raspberries and blackberries

We found some tiny white worms in our blackberries and raspberries. We have never noticed this before. What could they be and how do we manage this safely?


Grand Isle County Vermont about 7 years ago

What is this fast growing, fuzzy plant?

Our home is in Grand Isle and we live on the lake. There is a swale alongside our property that, unfortunately, collects water from the road way gulleys and ensures that water makes it into the lake! There are these strange plants that I've noticed in the last couple of years that are growing near this swale. We have boulders along our lakefront and one of these plants has made its home there in the full sun and it growing much faster than the ones closer to the gully and partially shaded. I've attached a photo. What is this plant? Should I be concerned? Should I be pulling them out?



Grand Isle County Vermont about 4 years ago

Is meat texture or taste affected by freezing at -30 deg F?

We produce and sell frozen beef for sale to consumers, and we might partner with a local ice-cream producer to build a cooperative freezer for storage. The ice cream producer wants the freezer temperature set at -30 deg F to better ensure the quality of the ice cream in case the freezer breaks down. Will the quality of the beef (e.g., texture or taste) be affected if stored at -30 rather than -10?


Grand Isle County Vermont over 2 years ago

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