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Natural pond becoming clogged with lily pads, pickerel and cattails

We bought a property in 2015 with a large natural pond. With two of the last three summers being very dry, the water level has gone down and the weeds are taking over.

The pond is full of fantastic wildlife - what is the best way to regain control without harming or deterring the wildlife?

The attached image is from 2016; there is far less open water this year.



Franklin County Vermont about 2 years ago

How does one become a certified organic gardener?

How does one become a certified organic gardener?


Franklin County Vermont about 6 years ago

We grow gladioli plants. Some get infected by thrip. They are grown in...

We grow gladioli plants. Some get infected by thrip. They are grown in Franklin, Vt. We have a deep an long frost. My Q. Does the frost kill this bug over the winter so we will not have to care about that aspect -so the ground is "clean" when we plant the bulbs, many of which are purchased in MN? I use my son's email! (below) Thanks. Carine L.


Franklin County Vermont about 7 years ago

equine vet recommendation - northern vt

I am writing to you because I need a recommendation on an equine veterinarian that services northern VT.
I have lived in northern vt for about 10 yrs. I have had 2 horses but had to put 1 down in 2011. I now have a 18 yr old TWH and a 2 yr old miniature donkey.
I have been thru approx 3 vet clinics and very frustrated with how I've been treated. I've had various problems with my horses but mainly lameness. None of the vets think outside the box. They fit the symptoms of my horse into a disease that they know of. They have no problem handing me a dire diagnoses - a diagnoses that either condemns the horse ( I won't be able to ride him) or means that he or she will be on medication the rest of their lives. I go online and research the problem only to find out that their diagnoses was wrong.
For instance, my horse was foot sore and a Vermont vet diagnosed him with navicular. I went online and found a vet in CA that wrote a book on the disease. I sent the x-rays to him along with pictures of my horse's hooves. The result: no evidence of navicular - the hooves are dry as a result of being kept on a dry lot (the horse is IR). Recommendation was to let the hooves grow out - balanced trim - horse wears Old Mac boots when ridden and turned out. With that treatment my horse is fine but my "go to" vet is 3000 miles away.
The mis -diagnoses list goes on. I'm hoping that since UVM has an equine program that they know of an equine vet that takes care in diagnosing a horse and is considerate to both horse and owner.


Franklin County Vermont over 7 years ago

Triple Washed

Good Morning!
My plastic tub of salad greens says "Triple Washed". Is this good enough, or do I also have to wash them?
Thank you!


Franklin County Vermont about 1 month ago

cooked frozen squash

I found two flattened bags of squash in my freezer. They have been in there for 6 yrs. They look good. Do you think they are still good to eat ?


Franklin County Vermont over 7 years ago

Lots of Algae in the Pond

Two months ago, we moved into a house with a pond. We don't know the first thing about maintaining a pond. Now it is covered with algae. Who can I talk to? How do I get started? It's about a 1/10 of an acre.



Franklin County Vermont about 1 year ago

baling hay in wet spring conditions

Hi, My husband and I own a 10 acre farm in West Swanton. I have a horse and mini donkey. I was buying hay for them from local distributors and the dairy farmer next door was cutting our field and taking the hay. Last year my husband & I bought used equipment and cut and baled our own hay. Last years conditions were a lot drier than this year's.
Do you have any tips for us on how to harvest hay during this wet spring that we're having? It sure would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Debbie Harris


Franklin County Vermont over 3 years ago

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