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In your piece about fertilizing trees you refer to the amount of...

In your piece about fertilizing trees you refer to the amount of "P" in the mix. That to me would be phosphorus as potassium would be "K". Am I correct?


Caledonia County Vermont over 5 years ago

"Baby bulbs" from the mother bulb

How old is an amirillis bulb before it flowers? I have several bulbs from the mother bulb, The oldest are 3-4 yrs old. I allow them to leaf thinking this will allow the bulb to grow bigger. Then after spending the summer outside leaves that haven'T died are cut then the bulb is removed from the pot & hung in aN old onion net bag in a cool spot in my cellar. Sometimes I remember them & plant before Christmas. This year I didn'T remember until February. There us another bulb growing off the mother bulb. How much patience/growth is needed to see flowers front the new bulbs?


Caledonia County Vermont over 4 years ago

Well water quality

We recently had a 400+ ft well installed at our house in West Barnet. The hot water has a distinct sulfur smell. Is this a common occurrence for the area? Are there any inexpensive methods for treating the water? Thanks very much for any information you can provide.


Caledonia County Vermont over 2 years ago

Pencil Point juniper needles

Are the needles on the "Pencil Point" variety of juniper soft-ish or prickly? If prickly, are they too prickly to touch with bare hands? Thank you.


Caledonia County Vermont 5 months ago

Please help me identify a plant I inherited

My plant seems to grow from a bulb. It has long thin green stalks that bend over when it gets too tall. Someone I know made a poultice from part of it to heal a really bad cut.



Caledonia County Vermont over 4 years ago

bailed feed hay

When feed hay is almost dry and it then gets wet, does it "wash out" the nutrients in the hay? How many times can hay get wet before it becomes mulch hay?


Caledonia County Vermont about 5 years ago

Woodchuck Family Has to go!

I have a family of chucks living under my porch and taking over. I must get riod of them permanently. Don't know how to do this. Slightly desperate at this point. Don't have a dog. Thanks for you help. Lisa


Caledonia County Vermont about 5 years ago

Overrun With Mushrooms

I have about a half acre lawn with about half of the lawn covered with mushrooms. This summer I would spend about an hour or more digging up mushrooms before each mowing of the lawn. I am a care giver to my wife who is a critical cardiac care patient of DHMC. I have spent alot of time recently going to and from DHMC. When I went to mow the lawn for the last time I found more than 40 mushrooms, some are huge balls, and I just don't have the time to dig up all these mushrooms before the last mowing. What do I do in the spring when the lawn needs to be raked? This has been going on now for four years, but each year gets worse until now I don't know what to do or even is I can pay to have it done, because my pension only goes just so far. Can you help me? What can I do with limited resources and strength?


Caledonia County Vermont almost 2 years ago

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