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Marek's Disease Vaccine: Yes? or, No?

I am waiting for an answer from the State, (VT) regarding the procedure to follow in a suspected (Marek's Disease) case of a 3 week old potentially infected Blue Silkie Chick. I Contacted my local Veterinarian's office and they too are waiting to hear from the state regarding protocol for handling such an event.

In further research, I have discovered articles and studies that claim to vaccinate chickens & turkeys against Marek's Disease may actually be more harmful than not vaccinating. Examples: PBS News Hour, ((July 27, 2015) Should I vaccinate?

In my area of VT, all of the grain/farm supply stores that sell chicks in the Spring from commercial hatcheries DO NOT have their chicks vaccinated against Marick's disease. I have ordered a single vial, (1,000 doses per vial) of Marek's Vaccine . from Meyer's Hatchery. Should I vaccinate my adult birds? I know the recommended age for vaccination is within the first 24 hours, but will the vaccine work for my older adult flock? It would be wonderful to have contact info. and procedure/protocol info. for reporting suspected poultry diseases, (and Livestock diseases,) within all of our state's Extension Service Departments. In addition, further resources such as closest diagnostic laboratories where necropsies can be performed to provide definitive results.

Penn State Extension has some good info. on Marek's Disease in chickens:

Addison County VT over 1 year ago

Birch Trees in Trouble

How are sapsuckers/woodpeckers discouraged from pecking holes and releasing sap for bugs and other birds to feed on? Can the trees be somehow wrapped to both protect them and keep the sap from flowing out? Who would I contact to come and help me?

I have two young birch trees that are being pecked at relentlessly by two birds (sapsuckers, I believe). I am really worried that they are going to kill the trees. I hung CD's to scare them away as high as I could reach, but the birds just sat next to them and kept pecking. They don't even leave when I stand directly below them under the tree. HELP!!!


Addison County VT about 1 year ago

Help! What do I do? 3-4 wk. old Silkie chick w/Possible/probable Marek's Disease!

I am an experienced small-flock poultry owner. I have chickens, heritage geese, heritage turkeys, and India Blue Peafowl. I am aware of and promote bio-safe practices. I am aware of multiple illnesses, & diseases within all species of birds that we keep on our Small Sustainable farm.

Recently someone gave me, (as a gift) 6 Blue Silkie chicks and 3 assorted bantams, (I suspect 2 Old English and 1 Mille Fleur.) These chicks came from Tractor Supply, (Middlebury). I have not been able to get a definitive yes or no from them as to whether or not they vaccinate for Marek's Disease.

Yesterday one of the Silkies started exhibiting abnormal neurological type behaviors that are very similar to chicks infected with Marek's disease. I do know that Silkies are prone to Marek's, and the chicks have been separated, (By building) from my adult birds. I do know of the 4- most common types of Marek's, and that the virus is in the Herpes species, and highly contagious. I know that the other chicks don't have to show signs to be infected, and that symptoms often don't show up until the chicks are much older. And I have tried several things to help this chick out- based on potential "remedies", e.g. Local honey in water, electrolytes in water, Vitamin preparations administered orally to individual birds, etc. In Addition: Other than the neurological symptoms the bird appears to be fine, e.g. excrement is normal, eating and drinking normally (Non-medicated chick Starter-grower, (Purina.)

My major concern is protecting my existing adult birds, and I have 20 Heritage Turkeys due to hatch on Weds-Friday of this week. SHould I have the chicks destroyed? Should a necropsy be performed to give an accurate diagnosis? If they need to be destroyed do I have to bring them to my veterinarian? I am very thankful to you and the Extension Service volunteers for your answers and suggestions! Kris. You are most welcome to make this email public, just PLEASE DO NOT include email.


Addison County VT over 1 year ago

fur tanning

Can anyone in animal sciences give me some options on ecologically safe processes for tanning fur pelts?


Addison County VT over 2 years ago

Private Pond Water Quality

Our small pond (about 90 feet long, 40-50 feet wide) is opaque. We are wondering if there is something we can do to clarify the water.


Addison County VT about 3 years ago

What type of mushroom us this?

Found these by my house growing out of a tarp with wood chips on it...what type are they? Are they edible?


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Addison County VT about 1 year ago

Pond Water Quality

Hi, I live in South Starksboro and we dug a small 5,000 gallon pond in our yard primarily fed by drainage from the surrounding mountains. Our water has a slight orange tint to it and has small orange blooms that form when left undisturbed. When we dig in certain parts of our yard, along with other places in our general area, you can find a similar orange colored mud/dirt. We assumed it was an excess of iron, but a litmus test showed no trace of iron. What could it be and how might we remedy it? The following are the estimated water quality results: total alkalinity-50, ph-6.0, hardness-120mg/l, iron-0, copper-1mg/l, lead-0, nitrate-10mg/l, nitrite-5mg/l, fluoride-0 and residual chlorine-5mg/l. These results were from only one test.


Addison County VT about 2 years ago

Classroom resources

Hi there,

I am a 5th/6th teacher at Monkton Central and I am looking for resources for a local/pond ecology unit this fall. I recall from my days working in after school that Extension has kits and wondered if a kit might be available that fits our needs.

~Kate Gagner


Addison County VT almost 7 years ago

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