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Tiny burr weed

I am infested with these small burrs. They are 6-8 inches with a small blue white flower that turns into a sticker that your socks and pets hate. What are they and what can I do? I have 4 acres. They are not sand burrs.



Wayne County Utah over 4 years ago

Where am I?

I watched the presentation this morning at 9:00 MDT by Pat Morgan on How to Run meetings that Don't leave the Introvert out. When I clicked on the "Watched" it didn't list this event. the name I was using was gaelynn.peterson@usu.edu1 (I don't know where the 1 came from..) I need to show I watched this presentation - can you help me?


Wayne County Utah over 6 years ago


I have Canby's Aster in my meadow. I don't want it. If I dig up or separate the roots from the top of the plant, will that kill this off? I really don't want an herbicide, unless that is the only solution. Just how pernicious is this "weed"? Is it hard to kill? Thank you for your time on my behalf.


Wayne County Utah about 6 years ago

Dairy Embryo implant

I want to implant a cow with a Guernsey heifer embryo. I want to start a Guernsey herd that is more about butterfat than production, per se. I'm also interested in getting a heifer that has the Casein protein "B" gene, for more easy digestibility. I live in Lyman, Wayne Co. Can you help me with that, or refer me to someone who can in my area? Verl Bagley is a great guy, and I like him even part time. This isn't his forte, though. Tell me something I don't know, please. LOL.


Wayne County Utah about 6 years ago

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