Washington County, Utah

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Apache plume won't go to seed

I have had an apache plume for 4 years. Every year it flowers, but never produces any seed. We live on the Chinle layer near Zion, so do have a good amount of clay in our soil. However, the plant itself seems healthy. Any idea why it won't go to seed?


Washington County Utah over 1 year ago

garden hoses and drinking water

what is the current thinking about garden hoses contaminating water - i am just getting familiar with the research, lots of opinions, not sure how many are well founded.
1- are garden hoses - not rated for drinking water, really a problem for people who drink from them? how much do you need to drink fo it to be a problem?
2- are these contaminants a problem for garden soils where food production is involved?
thank you for your time.


Washington County Utah almost 2 years ago

Small holes in grass with no dirt piles

Some animal is digging small holes in our lawn. It is not a gopher, mole or vole.
The grass seems to be pushed back like with a trowel. About 2 to 3 inches wide.

Neighbors have seen a medium sized animal at night, but could not recognize it.

We have had cougars and bobcats in the area. We live at Entrada in St. George.


Washington County Utah almost 7 years ago

Desert plants

What kind of desert plant is this? Found in sandy red soil in the southern Utah very near te Mojave.


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Washington County Utah over 4 years ago

yellow mass in berry and bean patches

Aloha to all! Yesterday and today, we found 5" x 3" granular, wet, yellow masses in our garden patches. Thought it was cat vomit at first, but it had no smell. It's not spittle bugs. Got any ideas? Mahalo, Kaleo


Washington County Utah over 4 years ago

Goats & Christmas Trees

Can goats eat Christmas trees? If so, how much can they eat before they get sick? If digestion of pine needles causes abortion in cows, is this the same for goats?


Washington County Utah almost 7 years ago

What Spider is this?? Is it poisonus?

What spider is this? I saw it on corner of cieling.



Washington County Utah almost 4 years ago

What kind of spider is this?

What kind of spider is this? Or what kind of insect if it's not a spider? There was another leg/antenna like the dark one on the the right side of the body, but it came off in my attempt to capture it... :( any ideas?



Washington County Utah about 5 years ago

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