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Best deciduous trees for high mountain valleys

What are the best trees for high mountain valleys up to 6500 feet


Wasatch County Utah almost 6 years ago

Sugar Maples?

Will Sugar Maples grow in northern Utah? I am looking to grow some trees that I can tap when they are older for syrup, any suggestions?


Wasatch County Utah over 5 years ago

Colorado bluegrass or other option?

We have property in Uintas at about 7,200 feet. It is level and has natural high grasses. I would like to plant a low grass in some areas. In the upper part of the property, there is a spring, but where I plan to plant there is a small stream that flows all but two months of the summer. If there are monsoons, the streams flow again. I was looking at planting Colorado bluegrass. I am looking for something that we do not have to spend hours maintaining and have to go up and cut the grass. The attached pictures show the grass after an Orec brush cutter of 12+ inch growth and a second round of a push weed whacker of 8 to 10 inches of growth in 4 weeks. I'd like to reduce the tall grass by a third to half. And how do we plant your suggestion?


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Wasatch County Utah about 5 years ago

aspen tree borer in heber utah

good evenin' :) I have a large aspen tree in my back yard. I did not plant it. I noticed the black oozing and wasps feeding and learned the poor tree has borers. It was too late last year to treat it so here we are coming into spring and I'm wondering a good product to treat the tree with. I have dogs who love sitting under the tree and I want to be an non toxic as possible.
thank you so much


Wasatch County Utah over 7 years ago

What kind of shellfish are these shells from

When fishing at the Jordanelle reservoir me and my sister found a bunch of these shells on the beach near the Ross creek trailhead. They look cooked and we also found crawfish shells in the same location. As far as I know there are no shellfish in the Jordanelle reservoir so I figure that they were probably brought from somewhere else to cook bit the unusual thin is that each of these shells was a twin shell like the two in the pictures. I've never seen a shell like that before so I got curious about what they were.


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Wasatch County Utah about 1 month ago

Pigeon fever

hello my 4 year old mare is getting over pigeon fever. I have 2 questions. 1- how long before I Can take her off the property? 2- I have a 2 year old filly on the same property that isn't showing any symptoms. How long should I keep an eye on her before I can give her the clear to move her off the property?


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Wasatch County Utah almost 3 years ago

Flowering fruitless peach tree

What type of weather will the Flowering fruitless peach tree grow in?


Wasatch County Utah almost 6 years ago

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